Friday, July 4, 2008

What DO YOUR Kids DO...

to have FUN??? Do they build forts? Play games?

Or build a PILLOW CAGE???
{that's what they're calling it}
This is OUR closet and I think EVERY pillow in the house is in the doorway! It started out smaller like a little wall/fence, then just got taller & taller! I don't even know HOW they got them UP there!! LOL :)
They made a little hole in the bottom to crawl in & out. Felicia just came out & there's Nathaniel's head poking out of the hole!

Wanna see what's going on INSIDE my closet the Pillow CAGE?

Total MAYHEM!!! tee hee

Yah, they dragged Star into the CAGE! I'm sure she was THRILLED to a part of their playtime!
Oh, and YES, they have FOOD and DRINKS and TONS of TOYS in there!!! Somehow they were under the impression that they were going to sleep in there! NOT!! Ben kicked them all out at bedtime! hee hee

They just built it again yesterday! And AGAIN today!!! They're having FUN, so I don't mind. Although, I could NOT find my shoes last night. I had to dig around to find them. They shoved them all over the place so they could fit THEIR stuff in there!

When we have a patriotic holiday, someone goes around our neighborhood and leaves little flags in everyone's yard. It's pretty cool. So, I wanted to get a cute pic of the kids sitting by our flag today!

Last night I made a quick run to the 24hr Walmart Market to get some goodies for us today. We went to Summer Movie Fun - Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium! It was really CUTE!! LOVED it!! Glad we own it. And the kids were happy too because they each got a grab bag candy to take with them.

When we came home, the kids did a quick clean up and ate hot dogs with Doritos (I hardly ever buy chips). Then for more goodness, I gave them each a little pre-packaged cup of IttiBits (knock off of Dippin' Dots). Mmmm Cotton Candy flavor!!! They are LOVIN' me and having FUN!!


Crazymamaof6 said...

way fun! yeah the scouts deliver the flag for a realtor in the area.
awesome pillow cage! every kids dream. who doesn't love a good fort?

Tanja said...

Oh, how my boys would dig that pillow cage! Why isn't there a picture of you crawling in there to get your shoes?!? ;0

Those Ittibits look pretty tasty..

Enjoy your weekend!

SuperCoolMom said...

Hours of entertainment! We enjoyed the movie too - especially since most of us hadn't seen it! Isn't it great to play the FunMom for a day!?!

tammy said...

LOL - if my boys see that they will want to copy! I love when they can create their own fun. Are those Ittibits good? Dippin' Dots are too cold for me, I like my ice cream melted a little rather than at sub zero.