Thursday, April 23, 2009

Field Trip, Hike Layout, FREEBIE

Last week, I joined Nathaniel & Felicia's classes on their field trip to the Arizona State Capitol. I hadn't been there since I was their age. {it's funny because as soon as I said that to another parent, I heard my Mom's voice echo in my head - she said the same thing when she accompanied me on my field trip when I was in school. HAHAHA}
It was very interesting, some I remember seeing as a kid. I was surprised how fascinated all the kids were with the whole tour and learning about the different branches of government. I really LOVE that they re-did the copper dome and sealed it with a clear protectant. Now it will stay copper shiny for a long time!
Nathaniel & Felicia always being goofballs. Someone has to sneak in the 'bunny ears' in every shot! LOL

Felicia posing in front of the Liberty Bell.

And Nathaniel too...

Anson being a silly boy, as usual!

The kids thought it was soooo funny when we caught Ginger on the roof a couple days ago.
Silly kitty!

Ashley LOVES painting her nails, but she can't always get her 'other' hand.
So, I helped her finish painting, then we put cute decals on them too
{all this before we went to church}.

While we were watching The City of Ember on dvd a few nights ago, Ashley had been very sneaky and put an 'Ashley' princess sticker on Ben's cheek. He didn't notice until he went into the bathroom after the movie. heeee heee :)
{btw, the movie was really CUTE}

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Quick Page 2

I also scrapped! Yep, we went hiking again!
This time it was for Ben to take his Webelo scouts. Felicia & I joined them, plus a couple parents and another daughter & friend. When we planned it last week, the weather was beautiful & perfect! Suddenly, the temp had to go up & up & up each day until it reached at least 100 degrees during our hike! Yikes! I don't remember the hike being soooo UPHILL! HAHA

I felt bad because I kept telling the kids & the other parents that it's not a bad hike because it's kind of gradual uphill not so steep for most of the way. Geesh! I thought I was going to die! LOL I got soooo hot that I actually had to rest in the little bit of shade I could find a couple times. It only took us an hour to get up to the wind cave. I think we hung out for almost half hour, then it took us only half hour to get back down. Everyone had a great time! The boys were such troopers!

I used the darling QP that Bunny made
using my kit Pocketful of Sunshine.
She said I could give it to y'all FREE!!!!
**Personal Use Only**
Isn't she the sweetest?!!!
Thanks Bunny!!!
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm cursed

Why is it that every time I get in line at the store {any store} that I seem to get in the WRONG line? Especially the self-checkouts at Wal-Mart!

You know what I mean? The line that appears to be SHORT, but instead turns out to have the LONGEST WAIT! Argh!

Every. Single. Time.

{Well, I did catch ONE break today. After hitting several stores, getting in the wrong lines, I actually got a check-out that was EMPTY - meaning NO ONE was in line! Thank goodness for the nice lady at Sam's Club guiding me to her no-wait-checkout!}

Does this ever happen to you? Or is it just Ben & Me that it happens to?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Felicia BFF & Hunky-Dory FREEBIE

YAY!!! I finally scrapped! I feel like I haven't done that in a while. Feels good to play!
{Credits HERE}
This is such a CUTE picture of Felicia & her BFF. This was a fun weekend for them (a month ago). They had a birthday party sleepover at a mutual friends' house, then I picked them up early Saturday morning to take them to the Stake Young Girl Achievement Activity. They had such a great time! I took this picture {in the car} when I dropped them off at their activity. Oh, I also included the quote for this month's Quote Challenge at DSO {the one that I'm hosting}!

I also have a surprise for YOU...
The kit that I used is one that I made for KimB's famous Color Challenge at DSO. Yipppeeee!! I know. I'm so lame. I haven't had any freebies on my blog in a long while. Too long.

You get this mini kit FREE!!!!!
Are you doing a little 'Happy Dance' yet? heee heee :)
Download HERE

** Personal Use Only **

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jack in the Box

Have you seen this commercial?

Ben is obsessed with this commercial. He will stop what he's doing just to watch it. Then he'll rewind it to see it again, giggling the whole time.

{pause my playlist first so you hear it - the song is funny}

I'll admit, it is way CUTE!

Easter Pics, New Bargains, Layouts

We had a Fabulous Easter Sunday! The kids woke up to see what the Easter Bunny had brought them....baskets full of candy & the wonderous little toy bunnies that poop jelly beans! They were ecstatic!!! HAHAHA Cheap thrills :) They had already eaten TONS of candy before we even left for church mid-morning! I'm pretty sure most of the kids at church had a nutritious candy breakfast like our kids! And they all couldn't wait to get home to EAT More Candy! LOL Despite the wiggly kids, our class presented our Sharing Time during Primary, and my teaching partner gave a wonderful lesson in class about Christ's Atonement & Resurrection!

Hope y'all had a great day! Here's a couple pics Ben took before church while I was finishing getting ready.

Then I took these when we got home from church.
Ben was making weird faces & pretending to pick his nose behind me to get the kids to smile! It worked! Thanks Honey!
Ben and the munchkins!
Dang! They are growing way too fast! Nathaniel's already to my shoulder! {well not like that's a huge accomplishment, I'm only 5'4" but in this pic I am wearing small heels so it makes me a tiny bit taller}
Don't my little guys look so handsome in their new shirts & ties? Nathaniel never liked wearing a tie & I think he still doesn't. Anson just recently started wearing a tie and he LOVES it! He was excited to get another one! My girls look so beautiful in their new matching spring dresses!

Ben playing around because he wants picture-time to be OVER! You got it dear, we can all go in the house now & change clothes & EAT MORE CANDY! :)
We waited early evening to hide eggs. Well, I did all the hiding. Over 130 candy-filled plastic eggs in our front yard & carport! The kids can't wait to go out & find them all!
Felicia, Ashley & Anson were the ones to fill all the eggs. When they were done, Ashley asked me when her cousins were coming over to help find eggs. I told her that everyone was having the egg hunts at their own houses this year. She looked at me funny, then said, "You mean we did ALL THAT for NOTHING?!!" HAHHAHAHA I told her, "It was for nothing. Now you get to find them & have ALL the candy!" I was cracking up!

Ready...Set...GO!!! Anson & Ashley were first out the door finding the eggs right outside the porch. Felicia & Nathaniel burst thru the door running! {And it wasn't really that dark outside, the sun was just going down, still light enough to see, but our front porch isn't lit very well}
I started laughing when I saw this picture! Nathaniel was running fast! He found the most eggs!
See the full buckets! Felicia shared half of her bucket with Anson since he had the least. He still had a lot, but it looks less compared to the other totally full buckets! That was really nice of Felicia!
Eating all that candy was so tiring! Anson crashed on our bed. Here's proof that Ginger really does like Anson. She's curled up by him! {Usually she leaves the room or goes under my bed when Anson walks in. LOL}
Look what Felicia saved from our pool yesterday! A really cool grasshopper!
He got passed around a little, then released to a safe spot in the yard.

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Amanda's 'Cutie Pie' using Pocketful of Sunshine:
{Full Credits HERE}

DeeDee's 'Cousins' using Promenade:
{Full Credits HERE}

A few more layouts by some talented gals:
Renee's 'Domestic G' using Fresh Air
{Full Credits HERE}

LynO's 'My 5 Favorites' using Delightful
{Full Credits HERE}

Faith's 'Font Feb09 Challenge' using Delightful
{Full Credits HERE}

Renee's 'Treat' using Delightful
{Full Credits HERE}
Thanks again for letting me share your amazing layouts, ladies!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt, SALE, Layouts, Challenges

Our neighborhood had an Easter Egg Hunt this morning at the park. It was cold & rainy, but the Hunt was still on! We got there a few minutes late, and my kiddos were sad because all the eggs had been found already. Thankfully, a few boys from our ward & another friend decided to share some of their eggs with my kids. Awwww that was SO NICE! Being cold & wet, this was about as happy a picture I could get of them showing me their eggs. LOL
We hurried home so they could open all their eggs & munch on the yummy candy!

Easter is tomorrow!!!! So, I'm having an Easter SALE today & tomorrow!

I've been wanting to share some layouts using my products. I got permission from these sweet gals to showcase them here!

I got this layout from Jodiann using my Mimzy kit. Aren't those pics of her son stunning?!

These next layouts are all from Maggy.
This one was for last month's DSO Font Challenge uses my Delightful kit. Isn't he precious?
This one is for this month's DSO Font Challenge using my Play kit. They're such cute little artists!
This one was for last month's DSO Quote Challenge using my Play Addon. They look like they're all having so much FUN!
This one was for February's DSO Font Challenge using my What's Up kit. Sweet mama & baby bird!
Thanks gals for letting me share your Fabulous layouts!!

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This kit is the first 2009 Collab by our DSO Designers. Contributing designers include: Beth Long, Andrea Dickinson, Jazzy, Kim Broedelet, Livia Yamada, Lynn Powell, Melanie Chynoweth, and Shannon Neparko.
This spring kit is all about the water. Both watery skies and water-colors! Gorgeous watercolored elements will make this one a fun one to work with for SURE!
I'm a little late posting about this, but Livia has been posting Gorgeous FREE QP's on the DSO BLOG - 1 each day. There's only ONE day left & if you hurry you can grab it! Then I think they're all going in the store.

I have the new Challenges posted at DSO.
Here's the Posting Bonus you can get FREE for participating in the Font Challenge:
And here's the Posting Bonus you can get FREE for participating in the Quote Challenge:
If you earn BOTH Posting Bonus prizes, then you'll have ONE whole kit because they are coordinating!
Whew! This has taken me a while. Ok now I gotta go celebrate my nephew's birthday. Poor guy fractured his foot playing at the park yesterday! And due to his injury & the uncooperating weather, we are having his party indoors.
HAPPY EASTER!!!!! Hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of yummy treats!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

AIMS Tests & Donuts

Nathaniel & Felicia started their AIMS Tests today and go for a whole week. Felicia has been pretty nervous about the tests, yet she always does well. We had to keep reminding them that they will do well and just stay calm and focus. YAY First day is done!

Report cards came home last week. They all received Excellent grades! WOOHOOOO!!!

Earlier in the month, we had stopped at Krispy Kreme Donuts because Nathaniel had a coupon for 1 free donut. While we were there, a nice lady told us that if you bring in your report cards, Krispy Kreme will give you a donut for each 'A' up to 6 donuts.

So..............Look what the kids got after school today.......
6 FREE donuts each! Not just glazed, any kind they wanted!!! Well, I bought half a dozen glazed for Anson, Ben & me to share (since Anson's not in school & doesn't have a report card).
Look at all that yummy goodness!!! Can you believe they actually waited til we got home to eat one? Well, I told them they weren't allowed to open their boxes in the car because I wanted to take their pictures when we got home! LOL

GOOD JOB Nathaniel, Felicia & Ashley! You're doing GREAT at school!!!!


Whatcha waiting for? Go get your kids some FREE donuts for their good grades!!!