Monday, August 17, 2009

New Moon Trailer

Here's a link to the trailer that's showing before the movie BandSlam:



I canNOT wait for this movie to come out!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Makeup

My Mom and I went to Ulta last night to get a little bit of new makeup. PLUS, they are having an awesome promotion. Check this out!!! {each pic is linked if you want to go see them}
So, I bought this Quad eyeshadow in browns called "Good Girl"
AND this mineral eyeshadow in Amethyst.
Then I qualified for the freebie above.

But, I couldn't resist this HOT PINK case full of awesome makeup!

Oh and the cashier gave us each one of these....
WOOHOOO!!!! Who doesn't love some free makeup?!!!!!

When I got home, Felicia couldn't wait to see what was in my big bag (it was only BIG because that HOT PINK case is good size). She kept asking if the makeup was for her, especially when I showed her the big PINK case. Her eyes lit up. hahaha Oh I had to let her down and tell her it was for ME. But being the nice Mom that I try to be, I put some of my new amethyst eyeshadow on her, blush, lip liner, lipstick, and bronzer (all but the eyeshadow were from the PINK case). She was tickled PINK that I had put *grown up* makeup on her!!!!

I took her picture & she showed Ben (he thinks she looks too grown up with makeup on).

She did her own poses, she likes doing this one like she's surprised or something. She's so cute!

Ok, she took a couple pictures of herself with her own camera and asked me to upload them on the computer so she could see them. Well, her camera has video too. And as we were looking at all her pictures together, we came across this video. She had taken this after I took her picture. She held the camera herself and taped herself in her room (probably looking in the mirror while she was doing it). If there is a mirror nearby, all my kids seem to talk to the mirror instead of me while still talking TO ME. LOL We were all laughing so hard. She was a little embarrassed but I told her it was so cute & SO HER!!! I asked her nicely if I could post it on my blog. She agreed. So, if any of you have a 10 year old girl, you may recognize this behavior, then again this was taped privately. Apparently this is how she behaves when NO ONE is looking! HAHAHA
**You definitely want to PAUSE my playlist - -> over to the right, so you can hear her!!!