Friday, July 4, 2008

San Diego Zoo

Here are a few pictures and highlights of our trip to the SD-ZOO!
At the entrance
We took the SkyTour (girls in one cart, boys in the other)
Here's our view from above
Ummm Ashley started to get a little nervous
Here are the BOYS {in #33} behind us
This polar bear was so COOL! {no pun intended haha}
He jumped in the water just as we got to the plexi-glass window. He swam and played with this red ball. Then he also was rolling around in the water. TOO CUTE! How often do you get to be THIS CLOSE to a huge bear like this?!

Who doesn't love an adorable sea lion? We enjoyed this show.
They got a volunteer from the audience (of course Nathaniel was dying to be picked, but didn't). He got to feed the sea lion some stinky fish and then get a nice slimy fishy kiss on the cheek!

This otter was so CUTE!! He was on the side all dry with fuzzy/spikey hair. As soon as he saw us, he totally put on a show for us! He jumped in the water and spun around doing little twirlies in the water. He kept coming in & out of the water and hopping on the branches, then jump in again! We watched him for a while. Gave us a good giggle & smile.

Nathaniel & ME
Do you see the HILL we had to walk up?
Doesn't look that bad until you're the one walking it! haha
We walked ALL day (excluding our 25 min on the bus tour and 2-3 min in the air).
It was good exercise! Thank goodness for the PERFECT weather!

Ben and ME

Anson's trying to get us to buy crap souvenirs from the giftshop.

Can you resist such a sweet face? Not usually, but we did this time. Instead, we bought a book about the Zoo with fabulous photos and information about the animals we saw. {even though I took a gazillion pics of pretty much every animal/creature we saw}

Awww here they are all tuckered out!
Yep they ALL slept in the same bed the whole vacation! That's how we roll.


Anonymous said...

What a fun, fun trip! How exciting! The slushy machine--mmm!
What great pictures, those will be so fun to scrapbook. I love the face painted ones and the picture of the kids sacked out in the bed after a full day!

Anonymous said...

P.S. You and your honey=very cute couple!

Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome trip! how fun! we've never been there. way cool vacation! and awesome pictures!