Saturday, December 27, 2008


I hope y'all had a FABULOUS Christmas!!! We did! We had so much FUN being with family! Apparently we were ALL very good this year because Santa brought some awesome gifts! We enjoyed our gift exchanges with the cousins, our kiddos & our parents & siblings! Watching everyone's faces light up {when they open the gift you gave them} is the BEST!

We've been busy starting our own Band! tee hee :) ROCK BAND 2 is SO FUN!!!

Still sorting thru ALL the many pictures taken! But here's just a few from Christmas Eve & Christmas Day!

Ben's Family Christmas Eve Party at our house
The Cousins
(minus Anson, don't know where he ran off to) Ben & his Siblings & Mom
L-R {Susan, Erik, Ben, Heather, Joy & Nancy in front}
Early Christmas Morning
waiting to open presents
Playing Rock Band 2 in our Jammies
Christmas morning
My Family on Christmas Afternoon
ME, Ben, Dad, Brad (Christy's friend)
Mom, Christy, Madison (Mom's Dog)
Ashley, Felicia, Nathaniel
More pictures to come soon!

I'm so thankful for our wonderful families & friends!!!


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tracking Santa

We did this last year and the kids have been asking about it again, so if you want to SEE where Santa is RIGHT NOW.......



Christmas Card, SALE & FREEBIE

From my Family to Yours...
To celebrate this wonderful season & holiday, I'm having a BIG SALE AND I also have a FREEBIE for ya!

Here's a shiny gold alpha to go with my Deck the Halls kit.

You can grab this
* sorry link expired *
I LOVE reading all your nice comments.
It's what really keeps me sharing my freebies!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baking & Cleaning

That's what I'm doing today! Lots of both!

And printing Christmas cards to mail. I know it's late but better late than never, right?!

We are having all of Ben's family over on Christmas Eve for dinner & presents & FUN family time!

Christmas morning will be just us opening presents, playing & have breakfast.

Then Christmas afternoon we are going to my parents' house for lunch & gifts & FUN family time!

I've gotta run to Sam's Club for a couple items I thought I had {for baking}! Wish me luck in all the traffic! And that I get a parking space! LOL

What are you doing today?

Are you *ready* for Christmas?

Whatcha doin' for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day?

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa, Deck the Halls & FREEBIE

We had our Ward Christmas Party a couple weeks ago and the kids got to see SANTA! They LOVE him and enjoyed talking to him & getting their candy canes!

Here's a few of the pictures from that evening.

{Credits HERE}
You can click on it to see it larger.
I created this layout for the DSO Template Challenge using my newest kit.

YAY! I finally finished my Christmas kit that I've been working on for the past couple weeks. Just in time to scrap all the wonderful Christmas photos you'll be taking!
It's full of the traditional reds & greens plus a few gold accents.
Lots of fun elements including sparkly ornaments, beautiful presents & a glowing lit Christmas tree!
Best of all, you can SAVE 30% OFF now!

I also saved a few items to give you a SAMPLE!
Hope you like it!

* sorry link expired *


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Letter, Gifts, Cards

I just received the sweetest letter in the mail today from FELICIA! They must have typed these in computer class and her teacher mailed them. She even got the mail from the mailman today and brought it straight to me with a grin on her face.

Here's what it said:

December 8, 2008

Dear Mom & Dad,

I'm writing to you because it's a special holiday season, and I know how much important Christmas is to you. I love celebrating holidays like Christmas; it's like one of my favorite holidays.

I'm looking forward to Christmas Eve and Christmas. On Christmas Eve our family comes over. First we eat a scrumptious meal. After that we open some presents and play. On Christmas we open presents and check out our new cool stuff! We also go to our grandma and grandpas' for lunch. That's what I like about Christmas, and Christmas Eve.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas. I hope your back is feeling better Dad. I love you both. I hope you don't feel horrible Mom.

Thank you for being the best parents I've ever had. I appreciate you more than anyone else had appreciated someone. Thanks for helping me every time I needed help.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ☺

Your friend,

Ahhhh my heart just melted when I read it. She's SO CUTE!

Felicia, I LOVE YOU TOO!!! You're an AMAZING daughter and I'm glad you are ours!

On another note, I got ALL the presents wrapped yesterday {except for the cousin gifts that they exchange on Christmas Eve - I wanted the kids to help wrap the gifts they are giving}! WOOHOOO!! That is a FIRST for me. We are always wrapping Christmas Eve. I even put the gifts under the tree and gave the kids a strict warning that if ANY presents are TOUCHED that they will ALL go back to the store. I told them that they could LOOK at them but NOT TOUCH. We have NEVER put the presents under the tree until the kids go to bed on Christmas Eve. So far they are doing GREAT!!! They were excited to see them and look around to see which ones had their names on them. Nathaniel was asking for hints on certain gifts. I told him - NOPE! It's driving him crazy! tee hee :)

Now that the gifts are done, I have a strange feeling that I've never felt this time of year. Hmmm what could it be? Ummm let me guess...NO STRESS {about the presents anyway}! WOW so that's what that feels like! hahahaha

Now I just to get going on some baking. The kids wanted to help, so we may do some today and more tomorrow & Monday. YAY!!! Oh and if I could just get the kids to keep their stuff picked up, then we will have a HAPPY week!

I got my Christmas cards done last week, I just don't have any envelopes, so I need to get some. Then I can mail them out. So you will be getting your cards a little late from me. Sorry.

I LOVE you all & hope you have a Wonderful Christmas!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

School Parties

Nathaniel, Felicia & Ashley are so EXCITED about their class parties today! They're all having pizza parties and Ashley's class is making gingerbread houses. She said she dreamt about gingerbread houses ALL night! LOL They were also singing the 12 Days of Christmas all morning! I kept hearing...

5 Goooooollllldennnnn RINGS
...and a PARTRIDGE in a Pear TREEEEEEE!!!!

They were cracking me up! And ONLY in ARIZONA could they dress like THAT the week before Christmas! HAHAHAHAHA

But this is what Anson was doing when we got home from taking the kids to school....

He was COLD and ran into my room and hovered over the little room heater.

Ok gotta go get dressed. My Mom is taking Anson for a little while, so I can wrap presents before the kids get home from school. They are having a half-day today! So I only have a couple hours to get as much done as possible! Wish me luck!

Oh and Thanks Mom for helping out! I REALLY appreciate it!!!

Have a great day & weekend!!

Are you ready for Christmas?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jury Duty

YAY!!! I did my time! I had to be there at 7:45am (that was hard to get out of my warm bed & into the cold tile shower) and was released by 9am! WOOHOOO!!!

There were 2 groups and the first group was dismissed around 8:45am. They were about to call the rest of us to the court room for jury selections, when they dismissed a few more people. I was so excited when my name was called! Now I'm safe for 18 months - 2 years. Yippeeee!

So, I headed straight to Walmart and bought the Mamma Mia dvd. I didn't get a chance to get it yesterday.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm Cold...

The temp finally dropped a little this week and it's been raining the last couple days too. We finally turned on the heat last night and my parents let us borrow a little room heater for our room. {Thanks Mom & Dad, it actually helps a LOT in our freezing room} But our house is still kinda chilly. I contemplated putting on extra layers today. LOL

I forgot to go to the store last night, so I got to do what I LOVE most...go to the grocery store for bread & peanut butter while the kids got ready for school this morning! Fun Fun!! NOT! I must've still had my sleepy face on when I got to the checkout because the lady in front of me was unloading her FULL cart (who has that many groceries at 7:30am?) and let me go in front of her. Ahhh she was so nice! Esp since I had to hurry home to fix lunches & get the kids out the door. What a great way to start the day!

We've been guzzling hot cocoa. Now the kids want it with EVERY meal. hahaha The kids keep begging to use the fireplace. Ben already made 2 fires in the last week, which they LOVE!

Felicia was sad when I decided to NOT pick them up after school today. It wasn't raining and they had their bikes. I could've gotten them, but figured I'd be super Mom on the days it's actually raining. So, the kids rode thru big puddles and came home soaked anyway.

They all changed their clothes and went with Ben to his Mom's house. He's trying to help fix her computer. So, I have the house all to myself for a little while. YAY!!!

Ashley received a happy note from her Reading teacher telling her that she's been doing such a great job & it had a tootsie pop attached to it. Ashley already ate it. She's FAST when it comes to treats! And she found out that since she's been doing SO GOOD that she's moving up to the highest reading group in January! WOOHOOOO!!! Way to go, Ashley!!!

Felicia was an alternate in her class for the spelling bee today. Her friend has been sick, so Felicia studied in case she would be in it. She had mixed feelings last night. She was excited about maybe being in the spelling bee, but she also didn't want her friend to be sick and miss out. Well, her friend showed up & Felicia got to watch. Ben & I went to the school just in case she would be in it. Oh well, we're still super proud of her for trying out for it. Apparently, Nathaniel didn't want to be in it, so he didn't try out for it. I know he could've done it because he's good at spelling, but it's his choice. Saw Julie at school too & cheered for her son, Peyton. He did good until they threw out some interesting words to the kids in one round. Hope he's feeling better.

I received a jury summons about a month ago and just called to see if my group has to appear tomorrow. Ummm YEP! ALL the groups have to be there! Thank goodness Ben has tomorrow off work because I have to be there super early! {way before the kids even have to leave for school}

So, be glad when you're all cozy in your beds or houses while I'm out at stinkin' jury duty bright & early tomorrow! UGH!!! Maybe I'll luck out like my hubby and get to leave early. I won't get my hopes up because he probably got the only good luck we had left this year. LOL

The main thing that had me looking forward to today is....

Mamma Mia comes to DVD today!!!! I need to head over to Walmart and buy it. I LOVED this movie so much! Plus, we have practically all the songs memorized. When I say we, I mean me and the kids {plus Ben knows a few from being subjected to the soundtrack constantly in the car - tee hee}! YAY!!!!!!

Have you seen this movie?
Are you going to buy it?
Have you had to appear for Jury duty?
Have you ever served on a Jury?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Friendship Wordart - FREEBIE

I had a couple people tell me that they liked my wordart on THIS layout that I made using the quote for this month's DSO Quote Challenge. {Thanks for all the sweet compliments! They really make me smile☺}


I'm giving YOU the wordart for FREE!!! I would LOVE for you to use it to participate in the DSO Quote Challenge. If you make a layout using the wordart or just the quote, post it in the DSO challenge forum, then I will give you the POSTING BONUS FREE!!!

You can grab the wordart HERE
Ok, now you have no excuse for not participating! LOL

P.S. I LOVE comments!
*** wink wink ***

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Step Out Step Up: It's a Wrap!

Tonight my Mom and I volunteered to help wrap gifts that are being donated to United Way and given to economically challenged women. So many women showed up to help wrap 600 gifts. It was amazing how fast we got done. It was at Superstition Springs Mall in the ampitheater (right outside Borders Bookstore), and there was a band playing beautiful Christmas music. When we were done, we were all treated to a big buffet of delicious food (huge breadsticks, ziti with meatballs, pasta salad, sandwiches & brownies from Paradise Bakery, Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets, fresh-squeezed lemonade, hot apple cider & hot cocoa), mini makeovers with Micabella products, hand treatments (kind of like hot parafin wax), and back massages. My Mom & I had so much FUN! We were there to volunteer our time for others and didn't expect to be pampered in return. It was really nice.
Oh and we each got a goodie bag
Full of samples & coupons
Here's my eyeshadow makeover
Since I got the makeover, I got a coupon for a HUGE discount.
I couldn't help myself and got a few eyeshadows for myself.
I didn't pay anywhere near what is listed on their website.
{well, the top one my Mom picked as her Christmas gift from me - it looks really pretty on her}
I had never seen this makeup before. It's not just's so much more!
It's a mineral powder, so it can go on dry or you can get your brush tip wet & dip into the powder and brush on wet (as eyeshadow or eyeliner). OR you can dip a q-tip (or brush) in lip gloss or chapstick and dip into the powder and mix...voila! You have tinted lip gloss! OR you can take clear nail polish and dip it into the powder, mix and yep...colored nail polish! It's FABULOUS!!! And the ones I got are all shimmery! Oooh la laa!

I told Ben that my Christmas gift from him is covered! LOL

Thanks, Mom for coming with me to this fun event! If I hear about another one, we are definitely going!

I didn't take my camera with me because I wasn't sure if I would have somewhere to put it while wrapping. Guess I should've brought it with me anyway. {Although, there were several photographers there, so our picture may be posted somewhere. And a volunteer from United Way also took our picture & said it could possibly be posted on their site soon. Kind of exciting!}

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dizzy - Freebie

I'M Baaaaack!!!!! {said in a creeepy Poltergeist voice}

My hubby worked hard and turns out it wasn't the poor router's fault my internet was screwy. Something went terribly wrong when I got the virus from a weird message on facebook. I thought I got all the wacky files but it messed with my Internet Explorer. After many many diagnostics and scans, I had to reset some kind of settings and return my program dates to before I got the virus. Blah blah blah...whatever! I don't care. I didn't lose any files and my Internet I.V. is securely in place now! HAHAHAHA

Thanks BEN!!! You're the BEST!!! {by the way, hope your back is feeling better}

I'm also giving you a little preview of ONE of our latest family photos. I did my best to clear it up, but they're all pretty hazy. As it turns out, I think a sweet little boy who shall remain nameless, played with my camera and got a BIG STICKY finger print on my camera lens. I found it today and wiped it off. Voila! Nice clear pic of our Christmas tree. At least I know my camera isn't totally whacked out! :) Whew!

Ben says that maybe we can re-do a few of the pictures later when he has another day off. He's going to be working lots of extra days this month. YAY!! Isn't he the sweetest?!!! YES!!!
{I made this layout using my FREEBIE kit for the DSO Colour Challenge this month.}

I LOVE how ALL the kids are looking somewhere near the camera! haha I crack up every time I look at Anson's little crooked smile. He's such a little character. Sometimes he talks out of the side of his mouth (you know - like Rocky)! LOL If you're wondering where we took these, we drove out near Four Peaks. Ben spotted these cool rock formations & we wanted something kind of rugged, so it was perfect! Some people were target shooting nearby, so we hiked a little farther away because it was making Nathaniel really nervous. Of course, he was quickly distracted by finding empty bullet shells & colored rocks. Silly guy! But he wasn't the only one, the girls were loving the pretty white rocks too. Ashley came home with some big ones. The kids didn't mind doing a little rock climbing to get some photos. I think it's what kept them a little less-wiggly when it was time to "say cheese"! Whatever works!

I managed to get something done while I didn't have internet. LOL

Now, onto the FUN FREE kit that is for the DSO Colour Challenge. I love these colors and like many others, immediately thought boy (probably because of the green & blue), but I didn't want to restrict it to only boys. So, hopefully you find it pretty versatile.
Download HERE

I'm a total sap for comments.
Please leave me a little note if you grab it.


Monday, December 8, 2008

I want my...I want my M-T-V

Remember that song? I LOVE that song! hahaha

Well, I want my INTERNET!!! I feel like I've lost a limb. (or as Ben would call internet IV has been yanked) I feel like I'm out of the loop. Can't log on. Can't go to facebook or blogs or even my dang email!!! I was on the phone with COX last week for 45 minutes trying to figure out the problem. I'm blaming our lame router! Why the router? Well because I'm hijacking Ben's computer right now and for some reason HIS internet is working! It's on the same router, but it must like his cable connection BETTER!

I've also been sick with a cold turned sinus-cold! YUCK!! I've been downing tons of over-the-counter sinus meds, which are finally starting to help & using TONS of kleenex. (sorry I know that's not the kind of info you want to hear). I think. I hope I continue to get better because I hate doing the whole doctor & antibiotics thing.

Oh and poor Ben got another back muscle spasm yesterday right before church. Ok so we were already running late, so this just made us (well me and the kids since Ben obviously couldn't go) WAY LATE! He's starting to feel a little better. Poor guy, I really know how much that hurts!

We have been planning & cancelling our family pictures over the last month. Ok so we're doing them ourselves so it's not really 'cancelling' with anyone but us. We've been putting it off each week, so even though Ben's back was hurting & I was feeling icky, we managed to do some family pics yesterday. Ben has always disliked doing the pics because the kids never stand/sit where they're supposed to or look at the camera when they're supposed to all at the same time, so it is usually pretty frustrating. Last year we took our pics at the Temple and that was a stretch to drive a whole 10 minutes away from our house. LOL

So, you can imagine my shock and amazement when Ben actually wanted to drive out near Four Peaks (which was like almost 30 minutes away) just for *cool* outdoorsy pictures! He helped pick out a really cool spot & I think he actually had FUN! It was very overcast and getting late (which matters because I only have a little flash on my camera). We got some cute shots but I was a little disappointed in the clarity. Oh well. I guess that's what we get for putting it off so long. I'm just happy we finally got it done!

When I get a few moments to edit some of the photos, maybe I'll post a few on here. And don't laugh because in some of them, my smile looks a little weird because I had to do some interesting boulder hurdling in high heels to jump into the picture within the 10-second self timer. LOL

Gotta go, my sweet hubby read some of this over my shoulder & is now testing out the router & my internet connection.

So, please don't think I have forgotten about my awesome friends & family. I will catch up on your blogs later & will definitely comment to let you know I'm back online! Wish me luck!!

Hope you're having a wonderful day!!


Friday, December 5, 2008

Friendship & DSO Quote Challenge

Oh my goodness! Can't believe I finally got online. For only a moment though. My internet has been wonky for the past 3 days. Our cable, internet & phone are all linked, so you guessed it. They have ALL been off & on. UGH! So frustrating. I'm getting ready to call COX to find out what the heck is going on.

Since I haven't had internet for most of the day, here's what I've been doing:

I made this layout for the DSO Dec QUOTE Challenge

{Jennifer Barrette "Pretty Please"
Fonts - Freeze!, Black Boys on Mopeds & Times New Roman}

I won this beautiful kit by Jennifer Barrette this summer at DST. It was really fun to play with. Thanks Jennifer for such a wonderful kit!! you like it? This is what I was working on while we were chatting on the phone earlier! LOL

Thursday, December 4, 2008

DSO Challenges & Layout CALL

The new challenges at DSO have been posted for December! Guess what?? I signed up to do one for the first time. I'm so excited! I have the QUOTE CHALLENGE! All you have to do is use the quote I selected for December on a layout, post it on your blog or online gallery & post a link in the Challenge forum. Then I'll send this posting bonus to you FREE:
Easy peasy!!! I'd love for you to join me on this challenge!

Oh and I have some exciting news to share:

DSO is starting an EZINE and we're looking for layouts featuring DSO Product.

The Dec call will end Dec 20th,
we are looking for WINTER themed layouts or Hybrid projects.

Email submissions to support [at] digital-scrapbooking [dot] org with "DEC LAYOUT CALL - WINTER THEME" in the subject.
Layouts must include a complete supply list, and must contain primarily DSO product.

Deadline for Dec Winter submissions is DEC 20th, 2008.
Layouts chosen will be featured in the Jan edition,
and compensated with a $5 GC to the DSO store

Thanksgiving & Black Friday

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We really enjoyed ours together with our family.

After trying several times, blogger has finally let me upload my photos.

Heather (my SIL) & Nancy (my MIL)
ME & Heather
Ben slicing the turkey
I cooked our turkey differently this year. Oh my gosh! It was so delicious & moist!
Here's where I got the recipe & instructions:
How to cook a Thanksgiving Turkey

Ben with his sisters, Heather & Susan
ME & Ben
The Parents
Susan, Miguel, Lorenzo & Richard
Later Joy & her daughter, Tiffany stopped by
How many of you braved Black Friday? I only did it once before and that was in Texas when Nathaniel was 2 1/2 and Felicia was 17 months old. We went to Toys'R'Us very early to wait in line while it was sprinkling & VERY cold outside. {Well COLD for us, it was probably in the 20-30s outside} Not a great experience, so we haven't done it since then.

Well, a few of my friends convinced me to go with them this year. Oh my goodness! It was a BLAST! They are super organized & very efficient. We (Alicia, Jen, Lindsey, Kim & Janie) met at Julie's house at 3:30am and arrived at WalMart at 4am. We all took our positions near a sale item (we helped each other get stuff). At 5am we quickly got what we needed and was checked out by 5:05am! WOOHOO! On to the next store. A few of us got some 1/2 price jeans at Old Navy while others waited in line at Target. It opened at 6am and again we quickly ran around getting what was on our lists (helping each other again). We were all giggling the whole time. Then we stopped at Bath & Body Works to grab some soaps & wallflowers on sale. We finished by having breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We headed home & stopped into Walgreens then were home by 8:30am.

Although, Alicia wanted to go back to Walmart, so Julie & I joined her. We made a few more stops and back to Walmart again. hahaha By the way, do NOT ever ever ever never buy a Walmart Visa/Gift card. They are TOTAL CRAP!!! You have to pay almost $9 just for the card, then $$ you want ON the card. AND there's a $4 monthly fee. As soon as I realized what a rip-off it was, I tried to return it. Walmart wouldn't do it at the customer service. So, I had to call an 800 number to get it refunded! Guess I had to learn the hard way. Oh well, it was so much FUN & I would definitely do it again next year! Thanks for the great time ladies!!
I got these darling jammies for the munchkins at Walmart for $4 each.
They LOVE them!!

I also got these CUTE gloves at Target for 50 cents each (2pack for 99cents)
Ashley & Felicia both wanted the striped pink ones, so they decided to split them!

It was a GREAT weekend! Very tiring but FUN!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful family & friends!

Enjoy your family/friends & turkey {or whatever you're eating}!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day Date, Thanksgiving, SALE

Yesterday, Ben & I went to see the new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace, then we had lunch. The movie was REALLY GOOD!! LOTS of action! Very cool!

It picks up RIGHT where the other one left off. Thank goodness I had Ben with me to remind me how the last one ended. Thanks babe, You're the BEST!!

Thanks again MOM for babysitting and paying for the movie tickets (and the treats for Ben)!!!

We also went to check out Kmart to preview an item that I want to get for Nathaniel. It's supposed to be on sale tomorrow morning. Turns out that they only had a couple and not any of the styles that we wanted to get. :( But we got to participate in an in-store survey-giveaway. Some guy was showing a bunch of us some pretty gold necklace/bracelet sets for a special price. Like you see on the infomercials. Anyway, they were a good deal & nice looking but not interested in buying jewelry. We entered a drawing for a gold herring bone anklet, but we didn't win. :( oh well it was fun!

Oh by the way, THANK YOU to all who commented wishing Ben a wonderful birthday on my blog and on his! He's not too thrilled to be another year older, so it really cheered him up!

We also watched Hancock last night {which was AWESOME}. We took a little intermission, so my parents came over for a few minutes to have some cake & ice cream last night. Yummy!

Hope you enjoyed your Birthday Ben!!! LOVE YOU OODLES!!

I have been trying to get some cleaning done today. So far, I've cooked my sweet potatoes (which aren't even for tomorrow - they're for me for the weekend) and made homemade cranberry sauce. It's cooling on the counter almost ready to go in the refrigerator. Mmmm I will make my pumpkin pies tonight! I LOVE the smell of pumpkin pies baking! Plus it warms the house in the evening, which apparently we will need tonight. It's chilly today thanks to the rain!

I'm trying to get some laundry done {of course, need to add another set of *wet* kid sheets}. But my washer keeps giving me some weird F-02 code. I looked it up and it means that it's having draining issues. UGH!! It's been going on for a few days! So, my wash is taking WAY longer than it should!

Wish me luck that I can get TONS done before Ben comes home from work tonight. He is working part of the day tomorrow (like 6am-2pm), so I want everything to be ready to go tonight!

Are you so excited for BLACK FRIDAY shopping?? I am going this year. Haven't been in a long time. I also need to finish my list so I can be organized when I head out into the scary stores! LOL

I am also having a BLACK FRIDAY SALE on my products at DSO:

Hope you all have a FUN and SAFE Holiday weekend!!!!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday BEN!!!

TODAY is my sweet hubby's 34th BIRTHDAY!!!
He is my BEST FRIEND!!
The kids absolutely ADORE & LOVE him!
Why not? He does great things like take these little guys to Father/Son campout {and brings them home in one piece - a little dirty but safe}!
He's does funny things like slide this BIG HUGE PEOPLE-EATING BUG under the door while I'm going to the bathroom! HAHAHAHA
He waits in LONG lines at ComiCon and brings home tons of gifts for the kids!
Transformers for the BOYS!
You couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces!☺
See these exclusive fabulous super-hero My Little Ponies!
The girls were thrilled!
See MY COOL stuff???
{Ummm anyone jealous of my Twilight cards? tee hee}
He does COOL DAD stuff like play with the kids in the pool!
He's super handy!
He put the training wheels on Nathaniel's old bike, so Anson could learn to ride a big boy bike!
Please tell me...who's husband would work countless hours cleaning & organizing your stuff while YOU were away on vacation for a week visiting one of your bestest friends?
MINE did!!!
Look what he did! Ok, you may not think this is a BIG deal, but it is.
This is OUR room and it did NOT look like this when I left!
There was craft clutter and clothes that needed to be put away in places that they shouldn't have been!

Look at that fantastic shoe rack! I didn't have that before!
He also bought these containers & ORGANIZED my craft stuff!
Yep, there's more of my stuff organized on the shelf in the closet!
Honey, you are the BESTEST HUSBAND!!!
Check out THIS POST to see more about Ben!
Please go wish him a Happy Birthday on his blog too! I know he would LOVE it!!
My Mom is offering us FREE babysitting this morning, so Ben & I can go on a Day Date to see the new James Bond movie and go to lunch! Thanks Mom, you ROCK!!