Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Felicia's Hospital Stay

Felicia in the ER (just got her IV)
Another ER "room" waiting for CT Scan
CT Scan
Just before surgery
Couple hours after surgery
She got several stitches inside and Dermabond outside
Eating popsicles
Walking around
She asked Dad to bring the kids because she missed them!
(so we ALL hung out til it was time to go home)
Ben, Felicia & ME
Felicia & Nathaniel
Felicia & Ashley
Felicia wanted to show the kids how she gets around
{awwww I just love how Ashley was being so sweet with her}
Raggedy Ann & Andy {a really nice nurse, Azita, gave these to her}
Some of the toys she received
(crayons, markers, play-doh, notepad, clay, bubbles, coloring books, tattoos, beads, etc)

Her stuffed animals she received from the nurses
(the red one is "Fox in Socks" by Dr Seuss)
Anson, Felicia, Ashley & Ben watching "Jumanji"
Her last attending Nurses
Edward (NA), Felicia & Dallas (RN)
{have to say I immediately thought of Twilight when he told me his name! LOL}
She had a really good night last night. She sat at the table to eat dinner, but then had some sharp pains, so she went back to our bed to relax. We gave her some pain medication, she took a little nap, then suddenly she was up and walking around everywhere! Kept telling her to take it easy so she doesn't get incredibly sore when the meds wear off. She kept telling me "I'm fine." She finally fell asleep in our bed, then Ben moved her to her room. We found her this morning on the couch. She said she got up in the middle of the night to lay on the cool couch. She seems to be doing GREAT! Ben made breakfast and Felicia ate a pancake and at least one piece of bacon. WOW That's a lot of solid food for her. She hasn't eaten that much all weekend! And she's moving around really good saying that she doesn't have too much pain! YAY!!!


abhall76 said...

Glad to hear she is doing better. By the pictures she looks to have been taking it all in stride and seems to be handling it well.

Tell her I said she has a great "What I did this summer" story to share when she gets back to school.


Crazymamaof6 said...

wow she made out like a bandit! awesome prizes and stuff! very cool! Cute shot of Ashley and Felicia walking. Such cute sisters!

SuperCoolMom said...

Holy Cow! Miss a day or two of blogging and I've missed all your excitement! I'm so glad that everything went well and that Felicia is doing ok! She is such a sweetheart, I'm sure they did love her there! Great prizes and a cute little scar to remember the scary experience! She'll have a great "What I did this summer..." to write!

Shanners said...

I'm so glad Felicia is doing better. I can't imagine how scary it would be to watch a child go through that. I'm glad it's over for all of you - now just time to heal.

Allison said...

She looks great for having been so ill. Glad that she is doing better each day. FYI...she will eat alot the next few days, but will start taper off more the anethisia (I know MS) wears off and the less pain meds she takes. Glad that your little sweetheart is home.

BTW she made out more than any other child that I know. Tell her congrats for her prize winnings.

Dinphy said...

Thank you for sharing these photo's. It seems she had a great hospital to stay! Glad she's home and doing so great. She's one brave little girl, on all the photo's.
I think it's lovely to see that you have such a close family. Thanks for sharing.

christy said...

Great PICTURES!!! So glad she is OK!!! We all just love her and your whole family!!! ER's can be so scary...what a blessing everything is OK!!! Can't wait to see you all at church again!!(By the way...I totally would have thought TWILIGHT too!!!!).