Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Updates & Pics coming soon

It was a busy week & weekend. And Ben went to San Diego for Comic Con {aka place for dorks to gather - haha - just teasing honey} for the weekend! He went with his friend and YES they dressed up as fun characters. They had a blast! He got back Sunday and I still need to upload the photos. So, I will post pics soon.

Oh, he did find one pic online that someone took!! So, go HERE if you want to see it.
(by the way, he was dressed as PUNISHER and later he wore his custom-made SPIDERMAN costume)

I tried to organize a Girls Night at my house since Ben was gone, but seems everyone else was out of town too. So it didn't happen :(
So, Janan, don't worry, you didn't get left out AGAIN! We all missed out on a potentially fun evening, but next month should be better for all of us!!

But I did get to go to BUNKO!!!! It was FANTABULOUS as usual!!! Plus we watched the latest movie preview for "Twilight" on the "Penelope" dvd. It was exciting to see a few minutes with lots of friends {and fans of Twilight}!! And my niece babysat for me and spent the night so I wouldn't have to drive her all the way home so late at night (she lives like 30 min away). That was fun! The kids enjoyed having her here! Thanks, Chantel!!! You ROCK!!

I am getting super duper excited about "Breaking Dawn." The book releases Friday at Midnight!!! WOOHOO!!!!!! Another weekend with my niece. I'm taking her with me to get the book and having her spend the night again! That way we can go straight back to my house and start reading before we fall asleep!

Took Felicia to her *follow up* appointment this morning. The surgeon, Dr. Bailey, said she is doing GREAT!!! YAY!!! She can swim and ride her bike now. She should be all ready for more physical activity by the time school starts! Under her incision (which is healing fabulously) is lumpy, but the doc says that's normal because it's the stitches in her muscles and will take 3-6 months to completely heal and the stitches to dissolve. WOOHOO!!

Oh my goodness....I cannot believe that school is starting in less than 2 weeks!!! Holey Moley!!!

Yikes! I still need to complete the school registration packets & get them sent in! What happens if I don't send them in quickly?? esp since they were due the 25th! uh oh I'm late. Dang it.

Need to buy school supplies!! Haven't even started yet. I think the kids all need new backpacks and lunchboxes too. Plus school clothes! These kiddos are growing like weeds and outgrowing everything!! Pants, shorts, capris, shirts, dresses, socks, tennis shoes!!! You name it...they need it!! UGH! I'm going to be VERY BUSY this next week trying to get everything they need!

Are you ready for your kids to start school yet?

Oh my, it's so late and 2 kids are still up hanging out with me! Summer bedtime {or should I say NO bedtime} is going to be hard to break. Well, we need to start the progressively earlier bedtime each night. I'm so bad at that! I'm such a night owl and so I don't really mind if they're up late with me.

Whoops!! This was going to be short, now it's long. Sorry! Be back with pics later!


abhall76 said...

I know exatly what you mean about summer "bedtimes". We are the same way. I am MUCH more likely to see dawn from the night before than from getting up early if I have a choice in the matter!

Our boys dont start until the last week of August, and the oldest is mad that the youngest doesnt start until the end of that week when he goes back at the beginning. And of course the youngest wants to go back like yesterday! We did the school clothes thing on Sunday and my youngest thought that meant he was finally going back to school on Monday, oops.

Very glad to hear that Felicia is doing so well and able to enjoy what is left of her break!

Diaper Diva said...

Bunko was so-o fun! I am ready for school and for it to start. I guess I was super excited, because I have all my shopping done and have had for about a week now.

Jen said...

LOL at the pic! Jeff was catching the Comic Con updates on G4 and online too. Glad Felicia is doing so well. We need to start back up with a bedtime around here too, although it doesn't help we are going out of town the week before school and don't get back until the day before, hmmm.

SuperCoolMom said...

So excited for school to start and yet completely unprepared!