Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The BEST Day Ever

Or is it?

First thing this morning I went to the dentist with Ashley for our teeth cleaning. It's always fun to feel the sharp pokey thing scraping your teeth! And to be reminded that I need a crown for one of my molars. Since I can't afford a beautiful shiny crown, the dentist recommended that I have my filling re-filled. So, they will drill out my filling that is chipped and then put in a new filling. Ashley has an infected tooth, so she needs it pulled. Wwe both go back on Monday to get our work done. YAY!!! NOT.

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I canNOT stand ANYTHING SpongeBob.
Why? UGH he is so ANNOYING to me! His voice especially drives nails into my brain. I honestly can't believe that show is still on.

So, you can imagine my DELIGHT when Ben shows me that he just downloaded THIS song (and THIS and THIS) for Rock Band 2. Now I get to listen to the kids singing those song over and over again. I have to admit that Anson was SO CUTE when he ran to tell me all about the newest songs and when he sang 'Best Day Ever' with the microphone. I think we may have to turn down the volume for these songs or I fear that my ears will begin to bleed. LOL
Ok onto something more fun. Yesterday we took the kids to the park to teach them to play basketball (half-court). Ben & I picked our teams, which of course went quickly because there aren't many to choose from. I ended up with the older kids and Ben had the youngers. Periodically, Anson & Ashley would take off to the slides leaving Ben by himself. Not like he needs more players but it was fun with all the kids. We ended up switching teams mid game, boys vs girls (the way the kids really wanted it). We had so much FUN!! The boys won 11-9. Then we played H-O-R-S-E. Ben & I kept giggling when the kids called each other by the letters they had earned. Nathaniel would say 'I'm a HO' and Felicia would say 'No you're not! You're a HOR and I'm a HO!' tee hee :) They kept asking what was so funny! HAHAHAHA We were dying! Anyway, it came down to Ben & me and I WON because Ben missed his last shot! WOOHOOO!!!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Remember this post & Felicia's artwork?

She just brought home a note telling us that her artwork has been posted to their school website! I didn't even know that they posted art on their site.

I'm so proud of my little artist!!!

Just wanted to share my daughter's good news!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's Batman Day!!

Did you know that? hahaha

Anson is informing me that TODAY is Batman Day!!

What does that mean?

Well, according to Anson, it means it's HIS day & he gets to play on Dad's computer for however long he wants! He wants to play on Webkinz and a Batman game on Nickelodeon.

He is one funny boy!

Just like about a week ago or so, Anson woke Ben & I up telling us that he woke up sneezing. Then he had snots & had to use a tissue. But he also had a yellow circle thing on his hand called a Fling-Flong. Ummm...A...what? A Fling-Flong. Ok...did you clean it off with a tissue or wash your hands? YES. Uh-Ok.

He definitely has some interesting stories & explanations! HAHAHAHA

We got home from our camping trip last night. We had so much FUN!!!

Our spot was beautiful. The weather was perfect. We all had a wonderful time.

Have you ever noticed how like half the dirt from the campsite sneaks home with you? I made everyone leave their shoes at the door before entering our house, then slowly walk into the bathroom (so they don't drop more dirt in the house) and leave all their dirty clothes in the hall, so I can sort them to start the laundry immediately. The boys took a shower & got all squeaky clean, then it was the girls' turn. Ben rinsed the dirt off the car, then took the dogs in the backyard and gave them each a bath using his yummy smelling shampoo. Both our dogs are black, but due to the amount of ash at our campsite & dirt plus the creek they waded in constantly, they were brownish gray. Now they are shiny black again! Thanks babe, you're Awesome!

Dontcha just love that dirty smokey camping smell when you get home? No one seems to stink until we get home and realize how dirty we really are. HAHAHA I'm still doing laundry trying to get that nasty smell out of the house. Last night, I washed all the kids' blankets, their pillows, all the supposed whites (they looked more like brown & black from dirt sticking to wet socks from playing in the creek), our pillows, and all the jeans. Now I need to finish the rest of the clothes and the dog blanket.

I took a bazillion pictures. I need to upload my camera, then I can sort and share some.

Gotta go. We got back from church about an hour and a half ago, but I still haven't eaten a real lunch yet. If you don't count a small handful of peanut m&m's, 3 pieces of dark chocolate covered honeycomb (kind of like toffee) and 4 Cheezits. LOL

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can you guess

what we are doing this weekend????

Here's a hint:

Roasting Marshmallows
Sipping Hot Cocoa
Eating out of Foil
Admiring the Beautiful Starry Sky
NOT Watching TV
NOT Playing on the Computer
NOT Playing XBOX

Do you know what we're doing?

We're going CAMPING!!!!

We haven't gone camping in almost 2 years, even then it was at Camp LoMia in Payson (where I went to Girls' Camp with church as a teenager) and they have small one-room cabins (basically 4 walls or 3 1/2 walls and a roof). I haven't gone real camping like in tents since I was preggers with Felicia! Nathaniel has gone camping with Ben a couple times and Anson once with Ben, but the girls haven't ever gone in tents. We are SO EXCITED!!!!

Ok so I gotta go to the store for a few last minute items and finish chopping veggies for our foil dinners and packing so we can leave TODAY!!!

Have a FUN weekend!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Anniversary, Birthdays, Bunko, Spring Break

Yesterday, Ben & I celebrated our 13th Anniversary! WOW I can't believe it's been that long already! And we dated for about a year and a half. Goodness! Look how YOUNG we look in our wedding photo!! And we thought we were so mature & grown up for barely being 21. HAHAHA

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BEN!!! I LOVE YOU so much! Here's to many more wonderful years with you!!!

Ok, now I'm going to back track a little. Since I haven't been posting regularly, I want to remember some of what's been going on these last 2 weeks.

My Mom had her Birthday March 3rd. I made her a beaded necklace, so I asked her to model it for me. I Love my Mom and couldn't possibly name all the amazing & wonderful things she has done for me. She has ALWAYS been there for me and I think she's the BEST!!! Hope you had a Fantastic Birthday Mom!!!

Our Little Bunny had her Birthday on March 6th! Now Ashley is 7. She also got to have her first sleepover. We let her choose one friend to come spend the night. They were so cute together!

I took this pic before she left for school. She is growing so fast, and keeps getting prettier & prettier!
Ashley blowing out her '7' candle. Suddenly I couldn't find all of our little candles to go with it.
She wanted a white cake with purple frosting and strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting. For the last several years, I've made the kids a cake and cupcakes, but they get special cupcakes just for them. I put numbers on their cupcakes 1 for each year. Ashley loved her 7 pink cupcakes!

Last week, we bought a football to teach the kids how to play. So, for Family Home Evening, we played football in our front yard {Girls vs Boys}. Can you guess who won?
GIRLS!!!!! 35-28! WOOHOOOOO!!!!! They were such CUTE little footballers! Ashley did NOT want to catch the ball at all, but she enjoyed running, blocking & sometimes throwing the ball. Felicia did great too, throwing, catching, running, blocking, tagging! You name it, she did it! The boys did good too, but apparently not as good as the girls! HAHAHAHAA

The main thing is that we ALL had a Blast and they want to do it every Monday now!

Felicia had to finish up one of her art projects at home and was upset and thinking it wasn't turning out the way she had hoped. When I asked her to show me, I was STUNNED!
Seriously, she thought this looked like crap! I had to give her a little pep talk and remind her that anything she makes could never look bad! She is talented!

Another one bites the dust....LOL Anson has been trying his hand at guitar on Rock Band 2 lately. I saw him practicing with the girls and couldn't resist capturing this! He was also swaying with the music!
Ummm who does he think he is going shirtless....Aerosmith? HAHAA

Really, he's good at drums & now he loves singing too! His faves are the heavy metal songs! Cracks me up!!! We're teaching 'em at a young age! tee hee :)

Here's my beautiful Spring garland that Jen helped me make! I didn't notice until after I hung it, but somehow during all our chatting and laughing (while making it) I mixed up the paper for the 'n' and 'g' so it's not consistent with the alternating pattern. Oh well, I think it's still beautiful!

Well, my FIRST time hosting Bunko went surprisingly smoothly. My sister was going to have all the kids spend the night at her place, but she had been sick so she cancelled. Then my Mom said she would have the kids over to her house for a while to watch movies then Ben could pick them up when they were done. YAY!! So we didn't have to worry about what to do with the kids all evening. Thanks MOM!!!

We all had a great time & laughed tons! Dinner was delicious (if I say so myself - hahaha). We had Hawaiian Haystacks {big THANKS to all who brought items}, Hawaiian sweet rolls {sorry I didn't make them, bought them from Fry's}, unusually large fresh strawberries, tropical punch {made by Alicia}, soda, and lemonaide cake for dessert.

Oooh and I won HIGH Score! WOOHOOOO!!!! Here's the prize I chose:
I guess everything didn't go exactly as planned. Somehow, I miscounted the door prizes and was short one. Sorry Alicia (how did we miss that???) I will get another prize for you! Apparently, I'm not the only one who has done that before. Whew! Guess that means I'm not the only dork in the group. LOL
Friday evening my Sister had leave work to go to the Emergency Room for a serious asthma attack. {I'm guessing it wasn't toooooo scary because after my Dad picked her up from work they stopped at Filiberto's on the way to the hospital to get some Mexican food since they knew they would be at the ER a while & would probably miss dinner. What the heck??? Always thinking about food - those two crack me up!} She was able to come home Saturday afternoon and is doing better. They sent her home with several medications and hopefully she'll be feeling better soon! Love ya SIS!!!!

Saturday started our SPRING BREAK!!!! No school (Ben's off work too) for a whole week! YAY!! We have needed a break. Feel like we've all been going and going like that cute little Energizer Bunny!

We all slept in Saturday morning. Dang that felt good! {Well, except for Ben, poor guy still had to work then he has a week off} To my surprise, Nathaniel & Felicia wanted to pull weeds!!! I didn't even ask them or anything! Ok, seriously, don't judge...Ben pours weed killer around our pool every year but it doesn't seem to help with these monster weeds! They seriously pop up overnight and double in size daily!
Nathaniel and Felicia came running in the house and told me to 'come quick & bring the camera'! They were excited to pull these bad boys & kept assigning names according to the size of their roots! Apparently, this was a 'General' because the root was big and thick! HAHA

They had a name for each one they pulled, but I can't remember them now. They are funny!

Nathaniel is out there again today pulling more weeds.

My best friend, Karyn, sent me a gift card for Old Navy and a couple coupons last week. So I went shopping Saturday evening with Felicia and bought a few things for me! Thank You Karyn for the late birthday gift! That kind of gift is welcomed no matter how late!!!! ☺
Ooops this turned out way longer than I wanted. If you made it this far, Kudos to you! And Thanks!
Have a wonderful week! And if you're on Spring Break too, then have a FUN & SAFE Spring Break!!!
Leaving you with this funny video that reminds me of something Ashley would do. She also thought this was HILARIOUS!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Been Busy

Just popping in to say Hello!!! I have been a very bad blogger lately. My poor sad neglected blog is calling out to me to post. Something. Anything.

I went to Jen's house yesterday and she helped me make a CUTE Spring Garland. Picture coming soon. No time to upload my camera at the moment.

I have been prepping my house for Bunko tonight. Yes I'm the hostess and it's my FIRST time hosting. Trying to squeeze in some spring cleaning & a little project I've been wanting to do for a little while. Nothing really fun or fancy, just touching up some of the stain on our concrete floors. Apparently in the 'heavy traffic' areas, the stain may need retouching. So, we finally did a spot that has been an eye sore (esp cuz it's right after you walk into the house). YAY!! Got the stain fixed, sealed and applied 3 coats of polish to the whole house. No more ghetto-looking living room!

The kids were afraid to leave their rooms this morning because the floor still looked wet. Nope, that's how it's supposed to look. Super shiny & glossy! I haven't polished the floor in a while, it desperately needed it plus I LOVE the glossy sheen!

I'm so excited for bunko but was also kind of nervous about making all the plans. Thank goodness for my super friend, Alicia, who helped me shop for all the prizes (which I want them all because they're so CUTE - got some smokin' deals at Real Deals), helped me plan the menu and is making some delicious punch. She's AMAZING!!! Thanks Alicia!!!

Oh and TONIGHT is the beginning of SPRING BREAK for the kids!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!!

Ok gotta go finish getting things ready (including me). I will have to post pictures of all the prizes tomorrow! I hope I win one, even if I don't, the door prizes are darling too!!