Thursday, November 19, 2009

NEW MOON tonight!


Today is going to be BUSY but full of FUN!

I need to shower & get dressed for the day.


Call doctor because he forgot a stitch in my bellybutton & it hurts. {had laparoscopy & cystoscopy last Friday} Ben tried to help me get it out last night, but that didn’t go so well. :(

Go buy some groceries.

Drop off case of water bottles to school for teachers’ luncheon.


Pick up sister for cousins lunch!

Eat lunch & laugh til it hurts with awesome cousins!


Pick up kids from school.

Nag kids until homework is done & clean clothes are put away.

Make quick & easy dinner for kids.


Pick up sister and head to theater to wait in super long line for NEW MOON!!!!!! Wooohooooo!!!!!!!

{do ya like the *eye candy* I slipped in this post? heee heee}

Are you going to see New Moon? Let me know if you liked it!