Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm still here...

Thanks for remembering me and asking if I'm ok since I haven't blogged in 2 weeks! Yikes! So sorry I haven't been checking in once in a while.

I have been busy dealing with family drama {well it's actually lasted for the past 7 1/2 years} and it is FINALLY all sorted out. YAY!!! What a huge relief! Every time a new issue comes up it gets so stressful for me & I don't want to even think about getting on the computer. I'm so HAPPY that things are BETTER now! WOOHOOO!!! Now we can all get on with our lives and enjoy each other. I know none of you know what I'm talking about & I'm not going into details, so please just be happy for me & my family. Thanks ☺

I know this is *old* news but thanks for all the complements on my kids' valentine cards. They loved them & were so excited to pass them out to their friends at school. I told them that next year they're making their own because that's a big part of the fun & I thought maybe they were missing out on that part. Oh my gosh! You would've thought I was telling them I was never giving them candy EVER! HAHAHA They said "NO!!! Mom we LOVED them & so did our friends! They kept saying 'Oh Cool! I want one!' So see Mom you have to make them again next year!" They're so funny & sweet. How could I possibly say NO to that? I'm a huge sap for my kids' gushy love. Of course I'll help them again next year since they put it that way.

Oh and Look what my hubby brought home on Valentine's Day (he had to work all day).

Isn't he the sweetest? Well I think so! They're beautiful Chrysanthemums and they're still alive! WOOHOOO!!

Check out my little guy who suddenly decided he wants to wear a tie to church. It's a little long and a clip-on but he loves it!

A couple weeks ago, guess it was Valentine's weekend (on Sunday) all my family came over for dinner, then we all played a little Rock Band. My Dad is so funny because he was really looking forward to jammin' on the guitar! I even got Christy to try it out! WOOHOO!!!
That was a FUN evening!!

Nathaniel got really silly and gave himself a mustache. You're lookin' at the next Rico Suave! LOL
Yesterday my Mom called to ask if we wanted to go to dinner at Native New Yorker with them because she had some discount certificates. The only catch was that we had to go to a particular location - all the way to Phoenix (it took us about 45 minutes to get there in traffic). Not a big deal because she heard that we should be able to get appetizers half off and the kids eat free if adults order entrees. There weren't very many people there, actually it was kind of quiet there. But the waitress didn't take our order until happy hour was already over. Ok fine, guess we didn't really need appetizers. So we get our drinks and finally order some dinner (we had already been there half hour & that's how we missed happy hour). It took forever to get our food - we had already been there an hour. Somehow, I got my side salad before anyone. Then the kids' dinners were ready before my Mom's Salad. The kids were almost done eating by the time our food finally arrived. Anyway, it was a huge disappointment and the food wasn't that great. It was a fun adventure though. And THANKS MOM & DAD for including us and trying to have a good evening. We can laugh about it now that my stomach isn't aching from eating so late at night. HAHAHA

I had Art Masterpiece again today. I am really enjoying visiting the kids' classes and being part of their day every 2 weeks. A BIG THANKS to my Mom who has been watching Anson during my presentations (and sometimes longer because Anson doesn't want to stop playing with Grandma)!

Ooooh I had this new season of LOST on my DVR and hadn't watched any yet. So earlier this week, Felicia stayed home from school Monday & Tuesday for upset stomach, and we watched all the new episodes together, well most of them together. She had to go to bed so I continued to watch til I saw them all. I LOVE this show!!! I haven't watched last night's episode yet and I'm dying to see it!!! Probably won't get to it til this weekend though. I have the hardest time waiting for new episodes, that's why I had waited to watch them all at once last summer. I saw the whole last season in a couple days online. I almost wish I waited so I could do that again because now I have to wait each week like everyone else. LOL

Ok that's enough rambling from me today. Guess that's what happens when I don't post for 2 whole weeks! In case I don't update again for a few days - HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!

We have the school carnival this weekend! The kids are so excited!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day & SALE

That darn wagon! These silly kids keep loading it up with blankets & pillows, then sit & read outside! Even when it's COLD {cold for us}. Felicia & Ashley were bundled up reading some favorite books when Anson decided he wanted to join the party! HAHAHA {at least they're reading & having a good time}
Thursday after school, the kids had a candy assembly line to fill the goodie bags for their classes.
A scoop of candy conversation ♥s, some red hots & a couple Hershey kisses.
Here's what they look like all done with their cards attached {I stayed up late at night making the cards, printing, cutting, hole punching & lastly attaching them with twistie ties}. Aren't they darling?
Whew! It's a lot of work putting together nearly 100 of these! Can't wait til next year when Anson's in school too. Oh well, it's all worth it because the kids LOVED them when they woke up & saw them finished!

Thursday was also HEATHER's Birthday {my SIL}!!!! We enjoyed some cake & ice cream together last night at my MIL's house. Hope you had a WONDERFUL Birthday, Heather!!!
{this pic was taken on Christmas 2008}

I decided to make her card this year. Here's the front:
I used my 'Delightful' kit {the Posting Bonus for completing the DSO Quote Challenge this month} and the Flower Punches my Mom gave me for Christmas! YAY!! LOVE THEM!!

Here's the inside:
{I also used Jazzy's Birthday Card Sentiment wordart}

It's ♥Valentine's Day♥
I'm having a 30% off SALE
The sale starts TODAY and ends MONDAY at midnight!

My Bargain Bin items aren't included in the SALE
but they're ONLY 99 cents!

I'd LOVE to know what your Valentine plans are? Do you like to go out? We don't have any big plans this year because Ben has to work, as usual. But the kids have Monday off school {Presidents' Day} so we'll have some fun family time.

It's LATE I must go to bed.
I have so many things I need to get done in the morning.
Cleaning the house. YUCK!
Laundry. YUCK!
{well I don't mind doing the laundry, it's the folding, hanging up & putting everything away - or trying to get the kids to put their own stuff away - that I don't like}
Prearing my Primary Lesson.
Writing Anson's Talk for Primary.
Help Felicia write her Talk for Primary.
How did we get 2 talks in the same week?
And Nathaniel has the Article of Faith for Primary.
We're taking over in Primary this week! HAHAHA
Grocery shopping. UGH!
Make ♥Valentine♥ treats for my Primary kiddos.
{that's the FUNNEST thing on my whole list}

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Family & a FREEBIE

Wooohooooo!! I had a little time to do more scrapping! Here's a layout using our family picture taken in December 2008. I also made it for my Font Challenge at DSO.
I used my Valentine kit - LOVE LETTERS
And I have a gift for you too! I made a Quick Page from my layout.
It's FREE for a limited time.

* Sorry Link Has Expired *
Thanks for all the wonderful comments for my other freebies. I really appreciate it!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Update, Challenges, Layout & FREEBIE

I am so bad at keeping up with laundry. I have the front-loading washer & dryer, so I can't seem to do small loads when I know that I can fit so much more in there. tee hee :)

I spent most of yesterday catching up on all the piles of laundry (boy the kids wear a LOT of clothes, not to mention socks & undies). I finished a load this morning and look who decided they like the pretty pink pile of clothes! {yep I do a separate load of just pinks because that's how many pink clothes the girls have! LOL}

She definitely likes her bed to be fluffy & soft! hahaha

We finally got Nathaniel his Webelos neckerchief and a ribbon on his shoulder to hold all his pins. So, I took these pictures this week because I think he looks so handsome (ok he's the CUTEST little scout isn't he? I guess he isn't so little anymore).

In case you didn't already know, when Nathaniel gets his homework done, he LOVES to hog play the XBOX360. The girls have to beg just to get their own time. They finally got a few minutes to play before bed last night and they chose Rock Band2 of course. Felicia's rockin' out on the drums and Ashley was singing! Oh yah, they have Eye of the Tiger memorized {or at least it sounds that way}! haha
Geesh, I just noticed they are both wearing their ROCKER (torn knees) jeans! LOL

I am still having a hard time grasping the fact that Anson will start school (Kindergarten) in August. Then 2 weeks later he will turn 5, just before the Sept 1st cut-off date. He will be a young one. But he is SO EXCITED to go to school like the big kids! Everytime I try to work with him or help learn how to write, he has no interest. {All my other kids were like that too, then suddenly one day they just got it all on their own} It's so frustrating. Anyway, we were playing with his magna-doodle this week and look what he was able to do:

WOOOHOOOO!!!! I showed him how and talked about the letters in his name and POOF, he wrote his own name!! GOOD JOB Anson!!! Look at his proud smile :)

I'm hosting 2 challenges at DSO this month again!

Here's the posting bonus if you join the FONT Challenge:

Just use the font on a layout anyway you want, then post it in the gallery and I'll send you a link to download this kit FREE!

And here's the posting bonus for the Quote Challenge:

All you have to do is use the selected quote on your layout & post it in the gallery, then I'll send you a link to download this kit FREE!

Look, I had a little time this afternoon to scrap!

The quote is from this month's Quote Challenge and I used my Valentine kit LOVE LETTERS.

{SAVE 25% off until Saturday at midnight}

I also made my layout into a Quick Page.

YOU can get it FREE! *Personal Use Only*

~ Sorry Link has Expired ~

Please leave a comment if you grab it. Thanks!

Tonight is Bunko!! Yippeeee!

So, I'm off to pick up the kiddos from school & get ready for tonight!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'd Rather Be...

Doing this right now!
{our cat, Ginger - doesn't she look comfy?}

Monday, February 2, 2009

Things You Don't Say to Your Wife...

Oh my goodness! This is HILARIOUS!!!!

It's Groundhog Day!


I don't really care if the groundhog sees his shadow or not.

I'm excited because each year we go to my parents' house for dinner and watch Groundhog Day!! I LOVE that movie! It's hilarious!!

This is one of my favorite parts of the movie. When he's totally going crazy & kidnaps the groundhog - Punxsutawney Phil - and lets him *drive*! LOL

Oh and my Mom's making *sliders* (think Popeye and his friend, Wimpy, who eats all those little tiny hamburgers) and all the fixin's! I'm making Rice Krispy treats! YUMMY!!!

{I'm sad because my sister has to work, so she won't be there. We'll miss ya Christy!}