Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Parties

The kids are so excited for their class parties today! Which basically means lots of candy & treats! What better way to celebrate a holiday? hahaha It’s ALL about the candy! LOL

The kids assembled their Valentine goodie bags Wednesday night. It got kind of late, so Anson had already fallen asleep and wouldn’t wake up. Oh well, he was excited to see everything all done when he woke up.

Here’s the candy that went into the bags – candy ♥s and kisses!


Ashley started making the bags by herself.


Then Nathaniel joined in.


Once Felicia finished her homework, she helped too.


YAY! All 108 bags are assembled and ready to go!


Here’s what went into each teacher bag. A goodie bag plus a 3-pack of delicious milk chocolate covered caramels plus a card!


They all took their Valentine goodies to school yesterday. Nathaniel and Felicia already handed theirs out. All their friends were excited to receive cute treats!

Nathaniel & Felicia’s classes are also having a gift exchange (it was supposed to be instead of cards for everyone, but we opted to do both). Everyone filled out a little questionnaire and then exchanged them. Here’s what Felicia is giving away to a girl in her class.


Here’s what Nathaniel is giving away to a boy in his class.


By the way, this is supposedly Nathaniel’s *girlfriend*. Aren’t they cute? They were sitting together at lunch yesterday. I also got one of those huge Hershey kisses, so Nathaniel’s giving it to her today. He’s happy he has a little gift for her! :)


Felicia has a boy who likes her and keeps giving her treats this week. She was out sick Monday & Tuesday, so when he came to our house for cub scouts Tuesday night, he gave her some Pop Rocks. (yep he’s in our ward and is one of Ben’s scouts) Then he gave her a sucker and a little toy (from Sonic) yesterday. Isn’t that sweet? You know what’s funny? Felicia had a crush on him for the longest time (like a couple years), then recently he started being mean to her at church and school. Hmmmm I told Felicia he probably thought she was cute and no longer knew how to behave *normal* around her. haha Then suddenly she’s sick and he tells a few people (well the word gets around quickly – u remember those days right?) that he wanted to give her a treat since he felt bad she was sick, and a friend told her when I was picking up the kids from school (she was in the car with me). She is no longer hating on him. Oh yes, I totally remember the grade school drama. LOL


{This was taken at Skateland last night & the boy who’s been giving Felicia treats is in this picture – far right. I was trying to get them in a pic together but not make it obvious to embarrass her too much. heee heeee}

Back in January, Ashley’s class was reading & talking about Flat Stanley. So each kid made one of their own. Here’s Ashley’s Flat Stanley. Isn’t he cute?


Everyone got to send Flat Stanley on an adventure to a friend/family in another state. Ashley chose to send him to my brother’s family in TN. They had so much fun with him! They took lots of pictures and sent him back to Ashley’s class, so they could find out about his adventure. Ashley was thrilled to hear all about Flat Stanley and her aunt & uncle & cousins in TN. She got to leave the letter and some pictures at school. So she brought the rest of the pics home and Flat Stanley. She liked them so much she hung them all by her bed.


Thank you Spencer, Merrianne, Libby & Jacob for taking such great care of Flat Stanely & returning him home safely!

Alrighty, I’m off to get some things done today. Have a wonderful Valentine’s weekend! ♥

Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine Cards & a FREEBIE


I made these Valentine cards for my kids for school. I will print them and add a little bag with candy for each student and teacher. {just like we did last year} The kids are so excited!

I made these cards using my new kit Sweet Valentine 1 & 2 that is only available as a posting bonus for my DSO Challenges for the month of February.


I’m trying to show some L♥VE, so I am giving you BOTH of these Valentine Cards FREE, if you want to use them! Just plop a picture {or anything you want} in the empty space and you’re done!


You can GRAB these HERE!

What kind of Valentine cards do your kids use? Do they make them or use store cards? Do you add candy to them?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sweet Valentine

Want inspiration for some sweet, lovely or romantic pages or hybrid projects?

Head on over to the DSO Challenge Blog, plus you earn freebies!

Here's what you get FREE if you play along:

{remember my posting bonuses are coordinating & extra big this month}

FONT Challenge


QUOTE Challenge


Go to the DSO Challenge BLOG for all the details! Hope you’ll join in the FUN!

I’m going to use this kit to make my kids’ valentine cards to pass out at school. I’ll be back later to show you what we created!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Forever & After

The DSO designers have collaborated this month to bring you a PICK YOUR BITS Mega!  This means you can choose which parts you want and only pay for those!! You’re not stuck with downloading huge files or parts of the kit you don’t want.


PLEASE NOTE : All of the Feb Collab, titled FOREVER & AFTER can be found in the DSO COLLAB category in the store.

Here is my portion:


Here’s a layout I made using my part {and Jazzy’s Funky Love Lines Wordart}:


This is my brother, Spencer, and his wife, Merrianne. I took this pic when they were visiting at the beginning of January (for my Mom’s funeral). I hope you two don’t mind that I used your pic for this layout.