Sunday, July 6, 2008

Teeth...Who Needs 'em?

Nathaniel LOST 3 TEETH in 2 DAYS!! One came out yesterday morning, in fact, that's how he woke me up "Mom, I have a very loose tooth, please help me pull it out!"

I could barely open my eyes, let alone grib with my hand! I had to pull it together, so I could be the Mom-Dentist and yank out the barely hanging tooth. Sometimes my job isn't too bad. I actually like pulling their teeth {only when they're ready to come out}. I think it's kind of exciting! Plus they get so ecstatic knowing the toothfairy is coming!!

One more came out right after church, then he worked on the last one all day and it finally came out just before dinner! He is SO EXCITED!!!

The next image is not intended for the weak-stomach-types!!

Continue at your own risk!

Here's a little chart to show where he lost each tooth! haha

See, that picture isn't TOO GROSS! Right? tee hee :)

For more FUN, click on the picture!

He canNOT wait for the toothfairy to deliver his vast treasure!!!


Nathaniel wrote a cute note to the toothfairy and got a response plus $5 (5 $1bills)!!!

He was STOKED when he woke up this morning! And he thought it was $4, but got even more excited when he realized it was $5 (2 bills were sticking together)!! WOOHOO!!

***YES, I do save EVERY tooth & label them! I didn't label the earlier ones, but have a separate bag for each kid. I don't know why, but I like to keep them. My Mom used to keep some of ours & maybe that's why. I thought maybe the kids would want to at least SEE them again later when they're older. Then they can do whatever they want with them.***


Anonymous said...

3 teeth in two days, wow! His braces won't have anything to adhere too if he keeps that up. ;)

Hope all is well, come over to enter a contest that I am doing with Tip Junkie...

Have a good one!

Jen said...

LOL I am the same way, I don't know who is more excited in our house when Corb looses a tooth him or me! His two front ones are loose and we are working on getting those babies out!

LOVE the new template by the way, and LOL at that pic of all the pillows in the doorway, my kids do the same thing with my couch cushions, so I have a pic that looks very familiar!

Crazymamaof6 said...

very exciting! hopefully Peyton will have that happen soon. how old is Nathaniel? 10?
very cool! how much moolah did the tooth fairy bring?

Anonymous said...

Hey there-Oh I don't make that jewelry I only wish I were half as talented! I used to be a rep for that company a few years ago and still have a lot of inventory. Just thought if I could help Laurie out I would and I just can't wear it all. I wanted to share it because I love it. Thanks for playing and good luck!!! ;)

Ondria said...

That's a nice tooth fairy. Maybe our tooth fairy needs to turn it up a little. Do you keep their teeth in those bags? And that picture was cool.

Sharon-shutterbug said...

OK, I'm sorry, I just HAVE to ask - do you save and label every single tooth every one of your kids loses? If so, why? And what in the world do you do with them? I am expecting #8, and though I've saved a few of the teeth they've lost, I'm not even sure why other than that they're cute and I'm a pack-rat!