Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!

Usually this is a holiday to spend with family & celebrate our country's independence. However, Ben has to work, so we're not doing much. I just bought a bunch of yummy snacks and treats for the kids and me to munch on. My Mom mentioned maybe making homemade ice cream. We both have ice cream freezers, so if we feel like it, maybe we'll be eating lots of delicious homemade ice cream later! We LOVE making that on this holiday! But first, we have Summer Movie Fun. The kids are excited to go because we missed last week. Ben will be home in time to watch fireworks! We like to watch them from our driveway because we can see 2 locations from our house.

{picture by Andrew Nesbitt - to see more FAB pics like this one, go HERE}

It's days like these when I really miss Texas! Fireworks were illegal in Austin, just like here in Arizona. BUT, we lived across the street from Austin's border in a town called Pflugerville. Fireworks were LEGAL there. Our neighborhood was totally lit up for every holiday, especially the 4th of July! It was so COOL!!! We even bought firecrackers & sparklers and stuff. The kids LOVED it! Since we can't do that here, last year we bought the little popper things that make a loud noise when you throw them down. No sparks just noise. And we got the things that explode confetti everywhere when you pull the string. Those are FUN too!

What are your plans? How do you spend this holiday?


Crissybug said...

We usually have a bbq at our house, and then watch them in our cul-de-sac...but did you know that Central Christian, and the 'boob' church aren't having thier fireworks shows this year? I am so bummed, and have NO IDEA what we are going to do this year. I hate fighting the crowds, and being out in the heat for hours before the actual show. Hopefully we will figure something out.

SuperCoolMom said...

We did the Drive In! It was fun to see your kids there with Joobs! Did she tell you about your little daredevil?