Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thank You & Poor Doggies

I just want to THANK everyone who helped our friend, Jazzy, in her time of need! I am so amazed at the response we got. She is such a sweet angel for helping her grandson all these years! She was in tears when she read all her nice heart-felt notes from everyone & that we had a sale in her honor and donated 100% of the money raised that day just for her! You all are AWESOME!!

* * * * * * * * *
Here are our sweet babies - Pepper (boy-6) and Star (girl-8)
Pepper is a black lab & beagle mix, Star is a black lab & chow (we think) mix.
Aren't they CUTE?!!
Here I caught them huddled together after swimming a little bit.
{they HATE swimming, so when it's really hot, we take them in the pool just to cool them off a bit}

They love to cuddle on their big dog pillow/bed.
Star is a bit camera shy. Sounds weird, I know, but every time I want to take her picture, at the last minute she turns away. haha So, I had to catch her with her ears perky cuz she's the cutest when she's excited! They are patiently waiting for their treat!
Ok, so you're probably wondering why I labeled this post "Poor Doggies"

Well, Pepper has been shaking his head a lot lately and Star started to do it the other day too. We looked up on the internet and found out they may have a one of a couple things: ear mites (which is very contractable from animal to animal - they're parasites that live & lay eggs in animals ears and eventually make their way out of the ear onto the animal's skin) or an ear infection - either bacterial or yeast.

I took them both to the vet yesterday. Star has put on a little weight since the last time we took them to the vet (in TX). Star weighs 60 lbs {she's our little piggie} and Pepper is 40 lbs. Normally, they are both very sweet and docile. Star let them check her temperature (you know where) and check her ears. She wimpered a little because her ears are tender. Pepper, on the other hand, was NOT very pleased about how they wanted to check his temp! He nearly bit the vet's assistant's hand off! WOW! I told her that I've NEVER seen him do anything like that before. It was just his warning 'snap' and didn't get her. He would never hurt anyone on purpose. She said his temp wasn't that important! Whew! When the vet came in and tried to check his ears, he again had the same reaction. They had to muzzle his sweet little fuzzy mouth. I said he looked like Hannibal Lecter. ha ha Pepper also was shaking like he was scared. Poor guy! They were due for their shots so they got those too & then the asst gave them treats for being so good. Pepper wouldn't touch his treat until they left the room. Then he gobbled it up!

Anyway...after swabbing their ears and checking the microscopes...they have yeast ear infections!!! Star has one in her left ear and Pepper has the infection in both his ears!! Poor babies!! So, I have to use an ear wash in their ears once a day and ear drops twice a day for 2 weeks. They aren't thrilled to get stuff put in their ears {I don't blame them, I hate it too}, but they enjoy the little massage we give them to get the drops to go all the way in. Hope these drops work and they feel better soon!


Crazymamaof6 said...

poor dogs! you are a way better pet owner than i am. way to go taking them in and medicating.

charlie said...

aw they are adorable..hope they are better soon!!!!!!!

Ondria said...

I remember doing that for out dog when I was little. Hope they get better. Glad you found out what was wrong and it's nothing too serious.

tammy said...

My lab always has chronic ear infections, and he hates swimming, too. I thought labs were supposed to be water dogs? I also think mine has a thyroid problem. The vet hasn't checked for that, but he has all the symptons. Weird huh?

Anonymous said...

Good thing you got them in and checked, their cute!

CraftFairy said...

Poor doggies! I hope they're all better now by this time!