Tuesday, June 3, 2008


was Nathaniel's 10th Birthday!!!

He was so excited that on Sunday he woke up at 7am and got ready for church super fast (not normal for him on a Sunday)! haha

Then as soon as we walked into primary, he announced to the primary presidency that his birthday was the next day. Also added that he was going to have steak & shrimp (on the grill) for his birthday dinner! And not just regular shrimp but "Colossal" shrimp that we got from Wal-Mart! After church he couldn't get his new rollerblades on fast enough! Silly guy!

Nathaniel was so excited yesterday that he woke up at 6am!!!! He was fully dressed and wearing his new rollerblades & protective gear! He kept rolling around the house inside & out waiting for everyone to wake up. He is TOO FUNNY!!! He was dying that his party wasn't until NOON!

We had his birthday party at our house yesterday! We had some family, pizza, soda, cake/cupcakes, ice cream, swimming & water balloons! We also combined it with Ben's Mom because her birthday is TODAY!!!


We had a great time! Ben & I weren't too hungry for dinner, so we waited a little later than usual to BBQ. Nathaniel couldn't stop grinning every time he thought about the steak and shrimp! He was in heaven!! Felicia & Anson even tried some & loved it!! Ashley still refuses to try it (I don't really blame her - I can't stand seafood or steak!) I had grilled chicken.

We watched National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets after dinner. It was really good. The kids totally crashed when it was over. Well, Nathaniel didn't watch the movie with us because he was busy playing with his newly built Bionicles!

It was a FUN, busy and relaxing day!!

I took LOTS of pictures, but my camera batteries are low, so I'll upload them after I charge the batteries!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Nathaniel!

Swimming and water balloons, how fun! It's funny how kids like certain things for say a birthday dinner. Go figure-but I am always up for a good steak and shrimp. Oh yeah!

Looking forward to seeing the pictures, I bet they had a ball!

Thanks for signing my guestbook...that makes me HaPpY!!

Diaper Diva said...

Steak and shrimp...I did not get that for my birthday,Lucky Boy!!