Monday, June 9, 2008

New Addition to our Family

Say "Hello" to GINGER (or GiGi for short)!!
We went to the Humane Society yesterday and couldn't resist her sweetness!
Isn't she gorgeous?

She seems to like the sink, even if it has a couple drops of water in it. LOL
Right now, her bed, litter box & food are in our bathroom. Just so she can get used to her new home. And we're slowly introducing her to the dogs.

She's about 2 years old and loves all the attention, even when Anson comes bopping in to pet her and give her some love!

Everyone has held her and she hasn't bit or scratched anyone (on purpose). Well, I got scratched accidentally last night when she got nervous from the kids being a little loud. She squirmed out of my arms and clawed my arm. Same thing goes for Ben & Nathaniel. They each got a little scratch from the other kids being too loud. But it's all in excitement - the kids and the cat!

She slept fine in our bathroom on a little baby blanket. She didn't cry or anything last night either.

The kids are so happy & excited to finally have a cat! I have wanted one for so long. Ben has finally gotten on board and wanted a cat too. It was his idea to go look. We've seen other cute kittens from friends, but we really wanted a short hair tiger cat. And we finally found her!

Her name that was given in foster care was Mable (which Nathaniel really liked), but we decided to have a family vote to change it. We agreed on Ginger!

She had been in the Humane Society for several months, first because she had some health issues - all resolved with medication & is totally better. Then she was in foster care to get better. She was finally up for adoption in April, just waiting for us. The volunteers were so happy to see her go to a new family, one of the volunteers even cried she was so happy (and sad because she'd miss her). Ahhh she's such a little darling!

Oh, and one lady said she'd been working there for 8 years and hadn't ever seen a Sunday as busy as yesterday! So many pets received new homes! It was awesome! But it also took us 3 hours to get out of there!

Thank you Mom & Dad for watching Ashley & Anson while we were gone. Plus thanks for feeding us when we got home!


SuperCoolMom said...

Oh she looks like a sweetheart. Nothin' like a cold sink to lay in on a hot summer day! I love to see pets adopted from the humane society - the alternative is so sad.

Wendy said...

Congrats on the cat and good for you guys going to the humane society! We adopted a dog who was brought up from the south because she was about to be gassed! And she is THE BEST DOG EVER!!!

Tanja said...

What a sweet story!
That's awesome that you'd take in an older cat and give her a good life.

verabear said...

Hello Ginger! Glad you've found your new family :)

J9 said...

Tiger kitties are my favorite. For now I have to enjoy the animals at the homes I clean, but I've been there so long that they're like step cats. LOL I'm glad I get my animal fix every two weeks. Despite having to vacuum up their fur from the house. =^..^=
Love your blog!

tammy said...

How fun for your family. And sweet that you could rescue one from the pound. I love getting new pets - but they have to be dogs. Guess I need allergy meds when I come to your house too ; )

Mel said...

Congratulations on your new family member! She is just adorable!! :o)

Suzie Q. Scrapper said...

you've been tagged!

Diaper Diva said...

I am so happy for the new addition. SOOO Cute!! I used your freebie below.

carrie & troy keiser said...

What a cute kitty! Congrats on the new addition!