Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Are you cold in the Summer?

Ashley has been playing very sweetly with Ginger! She LOVES to lay in our bathroom sink. I think when she starts to get warm from napping under our bed, she heads to our bathroom to feel the cool tile or counter.

Anyway, tonight, Ashley found Ginger in our sink again. She decided to help make her comfy & cozy "because she might be cold!" hahaha

Well, Ginger's lookin' mighty COZY!!! Don'tcha think?
Ahhhhh the soft fuzzy blanket is just what she ordered! tee hee
Only for a little while. She escaped the HOT blanket a few minutes later.

Well, you can't blame Ashley for trying! LOL :)


Crissybug said...

Kids do the cutest things!

tammy said...

That's too cute. Oh how my boys wish we could have a cat. Like two dogs aren't enough!