Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hooray I got my shot!

I feel like I can finally just sit and chill - for a little while anyway!

Threw some clothes on earlier so the kids could get their free school lunch today - CORNDOGS!!! The kids were stoked! I HATE all hotdogs, don't care what they're made of, I'm not eatin it! So, of course, I thought everything looked gross & smelled disgusting. But the kids were happy! They also got some tater tots, fruit cup & chocolate milk! Woohoo for free! I also got to chat with my friend Jenny. Her girls are the same age as my kids. And they all like playing together.

Ran home to take a quick shower (didn't have time for that earlier) & put on some makeup. Don't want to look too disgusting for the podiatrist, especially when he needs to look at my stinky feet. I even re-did my toenails. I always like them to look nice when going to the dr. And at least my toe nails look nice even though my toes are swollen on one foot due to my cortisone shot! tee hee

So far so good. My toe is still a little numb from whatever freezing stuff they sprayed on my skin before he stuck me with the sharp needle into my joint! YES it hurts, more like burns, during the injection! I took a pain pill when I got home trying to prevent unwanted throbbing & burning pains!

THANK YOU, MOM for watching the kids while I was at my appointment! They LOVE when you come to play with them while I'm gone! They also love the 'Kung Fu Panda' fruit snacks you gave them. They act like they taste different or even better because they have characters from the new movie! ha haha Anyone seen that movie yet? Looks totally cute & funny!

We have pack meeting tonight and Nathaniel's excited because he is now a Webelo and he's receiving his Bear badge plus 1 gold arrow! WOOHOO!!! Way to go Nathaniel! He's worked hard and enjoys scouting! We are SO PROUD of him!!

Since I can't be on my feet very much the first day of my cortisone shot, my Mom has offered to make white bean chili and bring some for our dinner tonight! THANK YOU!!! You're the BEST! I really really appreciate all that you do for us!!


SuperCoolMom said...

Ooh, I hope the shot makes your toe feel better quick! At least you have pretty nails to admire while you lay there! Hooray for Mom, babysitting - fruit snacks - dinner! Mom's are the BEST!

Salsa Mama said...

We saw Kung Fu Panda (which I thought I would hate) and LOVED it!! Super cute and I highly recommend it. :)