Saturday, June 7, 2008


I just finished watching the last 2 episodes of LOST! WOW!!! It just blew me away!! I canNOT believe that I have to WAIT until January 2009 for the next season!!! (Felicia watched the finale with me and said the same thing...we have to WAIT?) And they ended it with an even BIGGER cliffhanger!!! I think this was the BEST season ever! Lots of new discoveries, secrets revealed, and some people made it off the island! And now they want to go back?!

***WARNING*** spoilers if you haven't seen the finale yet
(even tho it aired a month ago)

Ok, so I was sad when Sawyer jumped out of the helicopter!!! I'm totally split in my vote for the Jack-Kate-Sawyer love triangle! I hope Jin survived the boat explosion, even though he probably didn't. Poor Sun. Why the heck did Claire stay in the cabin w/ her (& Jack's) dad and supposedly the ghost of Jacob?? But now she 'visits' Kate to warn her to NEVER take Aaron back to the island! Ok, and what the heck or who is JACOB??? And how does he know so much?? Poor Juliet, she only wanted to go home and see her sister! YAY for Desmond reuniting with Penny!! Where the heck did the island go?? A few minutes into the future to make it look like it disappeared??? How was Ben getting on and off the island, oh well I guess it was the submarine? But how did Mr. Friendly aka Tom get off the island (and back) to visit Michael when the sub had already been destroyed? When Sun talked to Mr. Widmore (Penny's dad), she made it sound like maybe he'd been to the island before?? And Charlotte, trying to find her birthplace (on the island perhaps)? And who are the 'Others' really? Why were they there before the Dharma people? What were they doing? Why can't everyone just get along???

I want to know ALL the answers to this show!!! HA HA HA


lindsey said...

every season finale of lost leaves me hanging!!! i loved the last one though. what is up with claire??? how could she leave her baby? and if jack and everyone has to go back that means desmond has to go back too. i wonder how that is going to work. and i hope that jin is still alive. i love how sun bought her dad out...sweet revenge. i saved it on my DVR to keep watching it. jan 2009!! i had no idead it was gonna be that long. NO FAIR!

Jen said...

I totally think Jin is alive, think they have showed everyone die that has been killed off. And I am wondering if Claire is dead??? Or maybe there is something in those "Shepard" genes since Claire and Jack are realted and their Dad (Christian, aka Jacob?) is showing up everywhere. And how did Locke die? I love Ben, he is the best villian, you never know what the motive is for what he is saying. Isn't Penny's Dad one of the "owners" of Dharma? And now that he had Ben's daughter killed I am worried about what he is going to do to Penny for revenge!!! AHHH I love this show!! Oh and the reason we wait until Jan/Fed 2009 is so no weeks of no episodes or repeats, 16 episodes pretty much in 16 weeks. OH and I am totally wondering what is up with Charlotte and that Miles guy, they haven't shown us much about him yet. Ahh the anticipation!!!

jkuoha said...

I am so addicted to Lost, too! I loved the season finale, but what the heck.... where did the island go, to the past or the future??? So many questions! I hope that Jin is still alive!