Sunday, June 22, 2008

Funny Movies

We have the Blockbuster online membership, so we get movies in the mail. Problem is, we get them and then they SIT for a couple weeks before we get to them. So, we finally caught up on some movies this week. If we like them, then we like to let my parents borrow them and vice versa. It's a fun way to share movies!

We watched Mama's Boy. It was FUNNY!! It's kind of a mix between Napoleon Dynamite and Mr. Woodcock. If you like Jon Heder and Diane Keaton, then you'll probably like it too.
Fool's Gold was so cute & funny! I LOVE Matthew McConaughey & Kate Hudson together!
And this girl was cracking us up!!! She's dumber than rocks! ha ha
We borrowed Relative Strangers from my parents a while back, but didn't have time to watch it. So, we finally got it again. SO freakin' HILARIOUS!!! We were laughing the WHOLE time!! Such a great cast! Danny DeVito & Kathy Bates had us rollin'!

So, there you have it! A few good movies to rent for the summer!

What movies have you rented that you liked?


carrie & troy keiser said...

Thanks for the movie run downs, I'm always looking for a good movie.

Crazymamaof6 said...

i need to check out that mama's boy movie! John Heder is too funny!

and thanks for the ride the other night, and the late night chat.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, I have some catching up to do on movies....I haven't seen any of these! ;)

tammy said...

We just watched Fool's Gold, too. I thought it was fun too, but then I'm partial to anything with Matthew McConaughey in it....especially shirtless! I'll have to see the other two.