Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Heat & Chores

Here's my handy dandy atomic clock that also reads indoor/outdoor temperatures! This was taken yesterday! Look how HOT it was in the afternoon!
(Indoor temp - LEFT / Outdoor temp - RIGHT)
Now look how HOT it was 3 hours later!
Man it has been HOT here! Only ONE degree cooler!!! I had the a/c set at 80 most of the day because we were gone. I turned down to 78 after we got home. But look, our house didn't cool down too much because it was so HOT outside!! YIKES!! Hope you're not all frying like we are! ha ha

I found this in our pool on Thursday morning!!!
What the heck?? Didn't know that birds could drown!!!
I had to fish it out (with our pool net) and bag it & trash it! Poor bird.
Guess that means One less bird to poop on our cool decking, pool fence, patio, and eat our dog food!

Thursday evening after our great family swim, the kids headed to the shower! Not all at once! Nathaniel hopped in first. However, I think the girls were bugging him, so he threw his swim shorts at Felicia! Well, the rivets on his shorts hit her right in the eye! They both got in trouble! This is what her eye looked like the next morning! She's also tired, so her eyes are sleepy puffy, plus the red mark under her left eye!
Here's my little man helping pluck & wash grapes. He LOVES helping with this little chore. ha ha. He got a bowl out for each kid & filled 'em to the rim! Now they're gone. I guess only the kids get some. Ashley was nice enough to share ONE grape with me since everyone else downed theirs already! Thanks Anson & Ashley :)
Apparently, this is what it looks like when you put new rolls of toilet paper away in the storage room! ***NOT***
Toilet Paper tower
Not exactly my idea of "putting away" LOL

Ahhh, and here's what it looks like when Felicia is re-sorting the kids' dirty laundry. Or at least that's what she's supposed to be doing.
{she still doesn't realize she's been 'caught' not working}

She had sorted the clothes according to color like I had asked but it got all messed up! It definitely needs re-sorting!
{sorry, don't mind all the dirty undies}

Here's Ashley & Anson taking a break (from what? I don't know) and watching some tv together! Oh wait, I mean Anson & Fairytopia watching tv together! ha ha

Hope your day has been more productive than mine!!!


Jen said...

LOL! Your kids are too cute! Poor Felicia! I bought two containers of grapes the other day so I would have something to munch on while I sat at the computer and took my test and Gavin washed, plucked and ate almost all of them! At least they are a healthy snack! I am lol at the TP Tower!!

lindsey said...

don't you just love kids!!

sick on the bird..i had one of those fly into my washer that was out on my back porch in my apt. seeing that huge thing dead on my patio was not what i wanted to wake up to.

SuperCoolMom said...

Too hot to accomplish anything. We need to have siestas in the afternoon and work all night!

Anonymous said...

Your kiddos are adorable and I love the TP tower. Looks like he was bowling!

Have a good one-

Crazymamaof6 said...

hilarious! very funny. the caught not working and the t.p. tower! so funny!
and the fairytopia shot. i'll have to show Joy!

tammy said...

You have some cute kiddos! And how funny with their chores. Have to admit, I can be the same way!