Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Funny Family Stuff

I feel like I've been really busy this week, but doing what??? Not totally sure. ha ha

The kids are loving Ginger - tons!! I think Anson checks on her like every 5 minutes...just to pet her. LOL Good thing she adores all the LOVE!! Turns out that she LOVES and goes absolutely crazy over a laser pointer (or as Ashley calls it "laser chaser")! She's hilarious! She jumps and skids all over just to chase the silly little red laser light! hee hee

Ginger's getting gutsy! Last night she snuck out of the bathroom and I found her on our bed. I was on the computer (and the dogs always follow me), so the dogs weren't in our room. As I went back into our room (everyone was in bed), I heard a little "meow" and Ben said she was on the bed! She had hopped over the baby gate and felt it safe enough (w/o the dogs in the room) to venture out. Well, she hopped back into the bathroom as soon as she heard the dogs come in. I left and she did the same thing again. This time, she didn't flinch, didn't move an inch, just laid there, even when Star (one of our dogs) was almost nose-to-nose with her. Star got a little jumpy, so Ginger finally jumped back to the bathroom. But not without doing the dog-cat-stare-down-dance first. ha ha
Apparently, SINKS are the "in" thing for cats! Check this out Cats-in-Sinks!

Oh, lately Anson has been having a little computer time & learning how to maneuver the mouse (all with Ben's computer since he plays while Ben's at work). Yesterday I noticed Anson was messing with Ben's computer while I was on the phone. I told him to get off. Then as I hung up the phone, all of a sudden I heard Ben's computer totally power down! Sometimes Anson will turn off the monitor and think he's turning off the computer. But this time it shut down for real. I asked "What did you do?" He said "I shut down Daddy's computer." You know, like duh it's off, what do you think happened? ha ha. Well, he must've figured out how to shut it down from the "start" button. Not really sure. He can't read, so I don't know how he did it but he turned it off safely.

Last night I was out - teaching "How to start a blog" for our Enrichment Tech Tuesday. When I was done, Ben called and said 'someone' messed with his desktop on his monitor and not just moved icons around (Anson's famous for doing that) but also changed pictures! Ben decided to ask Anson (since he's usually the culprit).
"Anson, did you mess with my computer?"

Anson's response "Dad, you be so rude to me!" HA HA HA HA
Was that his answer? I guess that was his way of 'covering' it up. This kid just cracks me up!!!!! Ben had to call me immediately to tell me his response! I was laughing so hard while shopping in Albertson's (trying to get the chicken raincheck - it was on sale for $1.69/lb - but butcher was already closed)!
While I was at Albertson's just looking around for any last minute good deals, I stumbled on these:

I bought a box (6 in a pkg). I also got a box with the little crunchies on the outside. Alright, I will admit - I am an "Ice Cream Bar" ADDICT!!! I ate one while putting groceries away. Ok I had 2. Then when I was done putting groceries away, I went to check my email, with another ice cream bar in hand. I was working on another digi-scrap kit and needed another bar. Yikes! That's 4 bars in like half an hour!! Well, today I had another then another. Whoops! One box gone! Time to open the crunchy one. Bad news...I just finished off the 2nd box! Earlier, I was trying to get 2 chocolate drops off my white shirt before Ben got home, so he wouldn't ask where the chocolate spots came from! ha ha Most of it came off & he didn't ask. But he'll probably notice when if he looks in our recycle trash can. There's TWO empty boxes that I just brought home last night!!!

They were GOOD!!! I'm not allowed to buy these cuz I just can't help myself. Do you have a 'treat' that you just CANNOT stop eating til it's all gone?

Now that the chocolate is gone, I can focus on other things! LOL :) Like finishing my kit for the DSO shop! Ooops missed the cut-off for this week, darn it. So, it will have to wait til next week! New Release Thursday is tomorrow!! There will be some beauties (as usual) in there! Check it out, then hopefully my new stuff will be in the store next week! But don't forget about the free DLADay goodies at the DSO blog! A new freebie goodie is up each day - but remember the link is only good for ONE day!

Before I forget...we finally planned our family vacation!!! I'm so excited! Ben asked for his vacation days a couple months ago, but we never really decided what we wanted to do or where to go! Wanna know? We finally had it narrowed down to San Diego - San Diego Zoo or Sea World. We took it to the kids for a vote, but that didn't do us any good. The vote was split 50-50. Ben and I had to finally decide. We chose San Diego Zoo AND San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park plus a day for the beach! We found a pretty cool deal online for a 2-in-1 pass! I already bought & printed the tickets! Ben found us a nice motel (last summer when we went to Disneyland - we stayed in what Ben called "a flea bag"motel, ha haha) better than last year's vacation, and already reserved it online. YAY!!! Now all we have to do is DRIVE all the way there when it's time, which is in a couple weeks.


Jen said...

LOL about the chocolate ice cream bars!! I did the same thing with a package of Fat Boys!! No one else even knew they were in there so they didn't know what the were missing!

Your cat is so cute!! I keep trying to talk Jeff into another kitty, no luck yet.

Anson sounds like my Gavin, he has actually downloaded and installed things on my computer! At least they are cute!

Yay for the family vacay!! Sounds like fun. We aren't going for the summer, but later in the year. See you next week!

Kim B said...

AWWWW girl Gigi is tooo CUTE! Nathan and Wayne have been nagging now for a new kitty too- but oh I love my *little lady* and I KNOW her nose will be out of joint with another- so I just say NO at this stage! She sleeps everynight at the end of my bed- or if it gets really cold sneaks up the the curve in my legs-LOL
sending hugs and loves

Crazymamaof6 said...

i totally do that with fave treats. Popsicles for me. for sure.

whoohoo on your vacation. and kids and computers , man it's scary how much they know so young!

Ben said...

Hey Miss Piggy!! I only knew about the one box. PIGALICIOUS!!!!