Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day - continued

Last night after we ate dinner (I made Shepherd's Pie at Ben's request), we went to my Dad's house for dessert. I brought White Chocolate Pie! Mmmmm It was gone after everyone got one slice. Oh well, I don't really need more pie! ha ha {maybe I'll post the recipe later}
ME and my DAD
Had FUN hangin' out with my Mom & Dad! My Dad also showed me a really funny youtube video. I'll post it later. It's hilarious!!
Here's the yummy brunch we had today (we slept in VERY late & it felt good).
Belgian waffles, eggs & turkey bacon

Quick little story...

As you can see, Ashley put her bacon in a bowl instead of on her plate. This was seriously upsetting Nathaniel. He told her that she needed to "respect the bacon" and put it on a plate!!! HA HA HA WOW! This guy totally cracks me up!!

Ginger could smell the bacon and was curious. So, Nathaniel brought a little piece in to show her what she was missing out on. {Don't mind my unmade bed, also our bedskirt is tucked into the mattress cuz Ginger has been taking naps under our bed & the kids keep crawling under there to see her.} Ginger stood up to grab the bacon! Must be really good! LOL Nathaniel could NOT stop giggling! {ooohhh look at her eyes - look kinda freaky! ha ha}

After our delicious & very filling brunch, we got dressed & went to see a movie:

It was really good. At one point, the Hulk says "HULK SMASH!!!" just like in the game. Anson was excited and said it too! He also calls him "the green guy!" He's quite the little character! ha ha

I was a little confused at first. We saw the first one, and I was thinking this was going to be a sequel. But it's NOT. It's a re-do, kind of. Ben explained it to me, Marvel wasn't involved with the first one, but this one they were. So Marvel had complete control over the story. The latest comic book hero movies (Iron Man & Hulk plus future ones - Thor, Captain America) are also leading up to one BIG hero movie... The Avengers!

Ok, 'nuff comic book's what we did for a little while after the movie. It's SCORCHING outside (around 111 degrees) and in front of the theater is kind of a little water play area. The kids had played here before & liked it. So, we let them again. Well, Anson was a little tired or upset. (While we were waiting for the lights to turn on inside the theater, he was walking around, then went to the wrong row & grabbed a lady's leg behind us. Once he realized it was the wrong "MOM" he kinda freaked! hee hee) Nathaniel hung out with me. He was telling me about his birthday watch that we got him. He LOVES it! He just realized it has timers or alarms. He was setting it for the morning! Like he needs it - he's a human alarm clock! We watached the girls run around getting very WET! LOL :)

Felicia & Ashley were having a BLAST running around! They liked putting their foot over one spout hole and wait for it to shoot out then jump back! Ashley also ran circles around (weaving in 'n' out) the water spouts!
Anson finally calmed down and wanted to check out the water, but my camera memory card was suddenly FULL. Not a big deal, but when I tried to delete a few to catch him playing, my battery died. Bummer. Oh well, he only played for a minute then got upset because his pants got wet. Looks like someone is tired. So, we left.

Of course, Anson was totally fine after we got home and he got his wet clothes off. ha ha

We ate leftovers for dinner, then Ben left to go help his mom with her internet. It keeps messing up. He's such a great helper to his MOM!!


Crazymamaof6 said...

wow looks like an awesome day! fun to play at the splash pad. and whoohoo for the new Hulk. did your kids like it? not too scary? maybe we'll catch it at the drive in this week.

Anonymous said...

LOL...respect the bacon!

The pie looks delish!!

The new Hulk does look good, maybe on date night we can go check it out.