Sunday, January 27, 2008


Yesterday was a Stake Young Girl Achievement Activity for all the girls age 8-11 from 9am-12pm. And each girl was allowed to bring a friend. Felicia brought her friend, Yesenia. They had such a great time! They had, according to Felicia, "The Best Breakfast Ever!" Banana nut muffins, fresh fruit, juice and Valentine conversation hearts (that were on the table for decoration). They sang some songs, learned some Kon Fu (I told Felicia that it's Kung Fu - LOL), decorated journals, and made babysitting packets. They came away all SMILES! Thanks to all those who worked hard to put this activity together! It was all worth it!
Here's what's inside their big carrying cases:
First Aid info, Babysitting fun, Decorated journal & "Daughter of God" plaque
Last night some people came by our house to show us how much they LOVE us! Felicia heard a noise and thought someone was knocking, so she opened the door (I had to remind her we don't just open the door when it's dark outside) luckily no one was there, but they left us a nice SURPRISE!
WOW! I haven't been TP'd (toilet paper'd) since I was younger and living at home. I admit that I did it a few times, so I had to laugh when I saw this. I thought it was funny. Ben did too. But we opted to wait to clean it up until today and since it rained a little last night now all the paper is stuck to our trees. I told Ben that we should just wait til it dries then it'll be easier to clean up. The kids had a blast blabbing to everyone at church that we got TP'd last night! ha ha :)


Christy said...


Oh jeesh, too bad it was done on rainy weather night/day! Can you believe this rain? I love it, but I'll bet you're wishing it wasn't raining right about now :)

Holly said...

I remember getting TP'd and I remember going TP'ing. We used 96 rolls on one house once. It was awesome. And, now that I think about it...rather expensive.

Christy said...

Haha I even have an alibi... still laughing! :)

Emy5 said...

Hey Andrea, glad to find your blog. It's great. YGA is the best. I had that calling and have a daughter in it right now.

Good luck with the clean up!

Princess Partridge said...

So glad they enjoyed it! Thanks for coming, Princess Felicia and Princess Yesenia!

LOVE the TP. Someone REALLY loves you!

molly said...

Oh we saw all the TP on the way to church... we were feeling bad for you guys cause it was so wet! Glad you were good sports! I am sure the kids loved it :)

Jenny said...

Oh, my that is quite the mess. I hope you were able to get it all cleaned up. There is nothing worse than wet toilet paper!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Very well-done! :)