Friday, January 4, 2008

More Scrappin'

I have been scrappin' a lot yesterday & today! I'm trying to do a few of Anson as a baby. (FYI - *He was my only baby born in Texas, the other 3 were born in AZ!) So, finally 3 years later, here is his Birth layout! Now all the kids want one of their "Birth" day too!
Ashley LOVES playing XBOX w/ Ben! He got up from playing for a minute and found this when he got back! She was next to his spot w/ my pink controller & headset ready to play!!
(This one was made using my freebie kit)
Credits HERE


bridget said...

beautiful LO's. have a great day.

Janan said...

That is it Andrea, you and I need to get together. I have so been on the scrapbooking no where land lately. I am still stuck on Kaiya's 3 week so life. I need some influence from you!