Sunday, January 6, 2008

We made it!!

We were only a couple minutes late to church, and we slipped in as they finished the announcements before they started the sacrament hymn. WOOHOO!!! And the kids did pretty good sitting reverently (and that's w/o Anson's Diego backpack & coloring book and NO snacks)! YAY!! The testimonies were really great, since the kids were being mostly quiet, I was able to listen to most of them. Several people spoke about going to the Temple. Made me think about wanting to go to the Temple more often. Hmmm I see a Resolution idea!

Anson was very confused about not going to Nursery anymore. I told him he was a big boy & graduated out of Nursery into the Sunbeams class in Primary. He kept telling me "No this isn't nursery we need to go to nursery!" Luckily one of the Nursery leaders also moved up into Sunbeams, so he had a friendly face in Primary. She took him so I could go to my class. He always calms down in a minute or two, thank goodness! After church he said he had fun in primary! :)

I found my classroom & our class list wasn't finalized yet (so many new primary teachers so they had to organize all the classes in such little time). So, Nathaniel came in my class along with the 3 girls there today. The other 5 boys went to the other class. Nathaniel didn't mind that he was the only boy! He just wanted to be with me. Awwww he's such a sweetie! He was a good little helper too. I had stayed up really late finalizing my lesson plans, so I was really tired when we had to get up at 7am! But class went well and I'm glad I get a week off since it's my partner's turn to teach next week. Maybe I'll sleep better this weekend (and get to bed on time). This is the bookmark I made for the kids in my class to go with the lesson. If I had known I was going to have mostly girls, I would have made it more girly. Still think it turned out cute!
One of the kids in my class from last year (and his sister was in my class today) brought me cookies for my birthday tonight! They are the sweetest family! And my teaching partner brought me krispy treats tonight! YAY! Yummy treats! My sweet visiting teacher called to wish me happy birthday and told me she's going to make me a pie this week. WOW! She is so NICE! Thanks for all the Happy Birthday Wishes & treats!!!


Crazymamaof6 said...

whoohoo! that is awesome! good job! we were cruising the same time frame as far as not too late! we rock! and cute bookmark! and love that Nathaniel picked to be in your class! whoohoo! so cool!

Hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i posted something for you!
hope it is a great year for ya! so fun! we need to go out!

Cecily R said...

HAPPY Birthday Andrea!!!

I think early church might just kill me. You people who get there not too late are awesome. Since we are Primary teachers and in our ward Primary is first it's particularly bad form of us to be so behind every week (I wish I could blame it completely on the new schedule, but let's face it, we're always late)!

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday to you! Hope your day is great.


SuperCoolMom said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I always aim for a half hour before our scheduled time, and yesterday I actually got there 5 minutes before the meeting started! (Obviously if I aimed for the actually meeting time, we would be 25 minutes late.)

Kristy said...

Cute bookmark! I am so impressed that you made it on time! I thought 9:00 was hard, no way I could make it at 8:30. WE just switched to 11:00, I am thrilled. I do have some books, e-mail me and I will send you some pics of the ones I have left!