Tuesday, January 1, 2008


We had a fun New Year's Eve! We never really do anything except just hang out at home watching a movie or wondering what we could do that may be fun or exciting. BUT not this year! Our friends Aaron & Alicia invited us to come over for dinner & hang out! Aaron made his super delicious pulled-pork. My first time tasting this...SO GOOD!!! It was great cuz our kids all played together & had a blast! They were in-n-out of the house playing in the backyard all evening. I don't think the cooler weather really affects them. So, while they played, the grown-ups played Karaoke on the XBOX. It is always so much FUN! We did husband-wife team duets. Some songs we totally stunk but others we did great! Each team even scored a "perfect" for at least one duet. WOOHOO!!

Then like 2 minutes before midnight, we switched over to live tv to watch the ball drop in Times Square. We counted down and we each had little poppers (thanks to Alicia)! We all got a glass of sparkling cider (well we had a variety of flavors). So, the kids starting picking up the confetti from the poppers & put it all on Ben's head! They thought they were being SO SILLY! tee hee :)
Ben, ME, Alicia & Aaron
The munchkins - Felicia (making a totally weird face, I don't know why), Nathaniel, Ashley, Aidan, McKenna & Zane (Anson hopped out of the picture & Tate was so tired he was in bed)
There's Anson, hiding under the table!
We finally got exhausted and left just after 1am, I think. Thanks Aaron & Alicia, we had a great time!!! Our resolution should be that we need to have more fun evenings together this year!
My Mom offered to babysit for us this morning, so Ben & I could go on a date! Yipeee! We've been dying to see I Am Legend, so we went to the first showing this morning. Boy were we tired. But it was a really good movie! Thanks Mom, you're Awesome!
Then, we decided to be really cool nice parents today, so we took the kids to see Water Horse this afternoon. They did good in the theater. Ashley had to go potty & get a drink, so Felicia was kind to help her with that (the bathrooms & drinking fountain were right outside our cinema, so we felt it wasn't too dangerous going by themselves). Nathaniel even took Anson to go potty once. Such great helpers! And the movie is SO CUTE! The kids loved it & so did we!
Hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve & DAY!!!
HAPPY 2008!!!
I haven't made resolutions yet, I usually do just a couple, but I'm still thinking.


Jenny said...

I want to see both of those movies. THanks for the reviews. Looks like a great way to spend New Years!! How fun!

SHUMERS said...

My kids want to see that movie.

Isn't it great when the older kids start to help out and do a good job at helping

SuperCoolMom said...

Looks like a really fun night! Pulled pork, Yum!!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

super fun! LUCKY! love to hang out with Aaron and Alicia! and love the pulled pork. way fun new year. can't wait to hear your resolutions! love all the pictures too!

Ben said...

How did a picture from my shower get in there? The movies were both really good....I didn't cry.