Tuesday, January 29, 2008

De-Junking, VT & New Design

Yesterday, Ben and I decided to de-junk some of the kids' overflowing stuff. We have several baskets in our living room with toys and apparently dirty clothes, silverware, bowls, cups, and trash!! We went through them and put some items to donate in one bag and all the trash in another bag. We did the same thing to the boys' room (they share a room). There are still 2 baskets of 'in between' clothes that we need to find out if they fit anyone. We filled a total of 3 large trash bags (I'm talking the big black bags) and 2 smaller bags to donate. We took a break today. We haven't tackled the girls' room yet and it's kinda scary. So, maybe I'll start on that Thursday because tomorrow Ben and I might go on a date while the kids are in school. Anson had so much fun at my friends' drop-off babysitting that Ben and I may go to a movie and let Anson go play. I asked him about it and he is very excited!

Hey, I got my visiting teaching done today!! Woohoo! I have to confess that I haven't been that great of a visiting teacher lately. Not really sure why, but I haven't been getting it done like I usually do. Anyway, New Year and New Partner, plus a new gal to see. Molly is my new partner and I'm excited! She's my neighbor and I'm enjoying getting to know her better. She's so sweet & talented and her kids are darling!

AND I have some fun news! I have been dabbling a little and creating another freebie scrapbook kit to giveaway on my blog (and it's not for an online challenge this time, unless my online group just happens to pick the same color scheme)! I was having fun & I think I went a little overboard because it's kind of big. Anyway, it's Valentine themed, so I may wait until it's officially February before I post it. Well, it's still not to the caliber of other designers' kits out there, but it's simple and it was FUN like it's supposed to be. Ok, so here's a little sneak peek of what's in my kit. I made a layout using only items from my kit (and this is just a small portion of what's in it).
So, keep checking back to see when I post my kit (well if you're interested in a freebie anyway).


Jen Shumway said...

How fun a date during the day. That will be nice for me in a couple years.

Anonymous said...
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molly said...

This kit looks cute! Can't wait to see it all.
I am excited we are VT partners... it will be fun!