Friday, January 18, 2008

Dinner & Dessert

Ok, another post about food. I swear that my life does NOT revolve around food, but it's fun to talk about & share recipes & ideas. And since I posted my recipe for Tortilla Soup, it was sounding really good, so I made it for dinner tonight. Here's a picture of my bowl. Ok, I know I don't have the prettiest or fanciest bowls (and I wasn't expecting to take a picture until last minute) but there you have it. It was SOOOO good! (FYI - the recipe calls for about 2lbs chicken breast meat, I used 3 good size breast-halves and it was plenty.) I also added a little fresh squeezed lime juice. Delicious!!!
Last week my Visiting Teacher called to wish me Happy Birthday and also said she wanted to make me a pie. She's SO nice! They came and visited me yesterday, which I totally love their visits, and then last night she came by again to bring me THIS - a Banan Creme Pie with a container of Cool Whip!!! WOW!!! We didn't get a chance to eat some last night because we had to go to the store and it took longer than we thought. So, it was too close to bedtime. So, I snuck a little piece this morning while the kids were at school (I had to share with Anson cuz he caught me - tee hee). It was so good! After lots of begging after dinner, I finally gave everyone a slice with a dollop of cool whip. They were so excited & ooohhh'd and aawwww'd too! It has a pastry crust with lots of slices of bananas and topped with banana cream and then of course some cool whip to top it off!
THANK YOU SO MUCH, Diana!!!!! (<-my VT who also happens to be the Teacher's Aid in Ashley's Kindergarten class) IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! And now totally gone! Treats don't last long in this house!!


Christy Call said...

OMG I'm totally salivating, drool slirp drool. LOL. Looks absolutely delishhh! Mmmm I'm way jealy. Have any soup left to slosh me a bowl? Haha. :) LuvYaOodles, Chris

Crazymamaof6 said...

whoo! so yummy looking! and Lucky! that is pretty fabulous!

JenShumway said...

I love that soup. It is the best. even my kids love it. And talk about pie that is my favorite!