Thursday, January 17, 2008

Girlie Lunch

Today my Mom invited my sister and I to go to lunch! We all met at Subway for a quick one because my sister had to get to work soon & I had visiting teachers coming over. So, it was FUN to have just the girls together (well - Anson was the only boy)! I tried to take a picture since we don't have very many of just us girls, but it was only ok. Then a very nice man sitting behind us asked if we wanted help. YES!! You can barely see him sitting behind my sister in the pic w/ her and my Mom. Here was our girlie time today! We may make this a regular thing! YAY!!
ME, Christy, my MOM

(man who took above pic) Christy & Mom

Anson & Auntie Christy
Anson loving his cookie


Anonymous said...
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My Semblance of Sanity said...

Nothing like a girls' day!!!!!!!!! Don't procrastinate to plan the next one! Do it!

Anson is precious!

Linda said...

Those are really CUTE pics!! And, yes, those were fun lunches!! Too bad we don't have them anymore!!