Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Church Schedule & Random Funnies

Wish us Luck tomorrow because we switch from 1:30pm to the 8:30AM church time!! We are NEVER on time, but we really need to do better. So hopefully this can be the year we do tons BETTER!! I also get my new Primary class (Valiant 10) and the class is split, so I don't know which kids I will have yet. That's Nathaniel's age group (since he's turning 10 this year) so I may have him in my class. That would be fun!

I found this picture online and thought it was SO cute & funny at the same time! Check out the look on that poor kitty's face! Hilarious!! Kitty doesn't look happy! LOL ha ha ha :) I had a cat that looked exactly like that (a Russian Blue) and she could definitely give you the "evil eye" when she wasn't pleased with you. She never really looked at me like that, only Ben. tee hee

And Now I'll leave you with THIS... It's so flippin' funny!!! If you've had a PUG before, you know they can behave a little crazy (but kinda cute)! This dog looks like the dog my Mom used to have.

Have a good weekend!! I'm off to finish my lesson since I'm teaching primary tomorrow!


TragedyScrapinAnne said...

Thanks for the wonderful kit....Also You've been blogged come read all about it here:::

Hugs, Kat

SuperCoolMom said...

So funny!

SHUMERS said...

I am the chorister so we have to be on time. We always leave 30 min befor church starts. its really nice because my kids sit better at church then at home.

Crazymamaof6 said...

too funny! and yay! for me on the church time change. but think it will be over quicker. we actually made it before the sacrament. a record for us! so is Nathaniel in your class?

Cara said...

we are always late to church doesn't matter what time. You would think we would get better as our kids get older but nooooooo! I'm lame I know.