Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cold Stone Creamery & S'Mores!!

I LOVE Cold Stone Creamery and I got my Birthday Club Coupon, so FINALLY we went on Saturday night to get my FREE Creation!! That's Dark Chocolate ice cream with Butterfingers!! That was my first time getting the dark chocolate - it's so good!! Yep I ate it all even the cone! Delicious!! Funny story - Ben and I left the kids home to go get these (he got one too - he had to pay for his) and we just said "Lock the door, we'll be right back!" ha ha. Ashley learned a few months back how to call my cell phone all by herself, so she called me as we were on the road back. We only ran in, got our cones, and left. Well, we were driving to Walgreens to pick up a prescription, but apparently they close at 6pm on Sat. Dang it! So, that's when Ashley calls and asks me "Mommy can you please bring the kids a treat, toooo?" LOL. How could we resist that sweet voice? We hadn't planned on it. I know - mean parents. Oh well. I didn't get a birthday cake this year (didn't really want one) so this was my birthday treat! So, Wal-Mart Market was right there on the same corner, so I asked Ben to run in & grab something for the kids. He didn't want to leave his cone in the car cuz it was cold outside but warm inside the car. So, being the super nice wife, I turned on the a/c full blast to make sure his ice cream didn't melt. I think it was warmer outside now - Brrrrr inside. Ben hurried and found some hostess cupcakes for them. Sorry that turned into a long story. When we got home the kids were happy to see us, but they stopped for a minute and were like "How come you guys got BIG cones and we get cupcakes?" I of course reminded them that mine was my FREE birthday treat! That's WHY! ha ha ha
Ok, moving on. So, Sunday evening after dinner, we took the family for a walk including the dogs. We don't take the dogs very often. It was fun, but the kids kept fighting over who got to hold which dog's leash. Ben had Star (even though Anson started out with her but couldn't hold on tight enough) and Felicia started with Pepper, then Nathaniel got Pepper on the way home. We also found a baby gecko, so Ashley got to hold it for a while, then Felicia after she had to turn over Pepper's leash to Nathaniel. Anson kept cracking us up though. He was lagging almost the whole time because every rock or brick trim or hill was a little adventure for him & he had to explore EVERYTHING!! It was fun even with the bickering. When we got home the real FUN began. Ben started a fire and we made S'MORES!!! They each got to roast their marshmallows & Ben helped put the s'mores together. Here's everyone hovered around the fireplace.
Here's Anson taking a big bite!
Felicia being silly & taking a big bite!
Ashley enjoying hers!
Nathaniel trying to eat half of it in one bite!
Ben roasting his marshmallow - didn't get one of him taking bites! Darn
Here's my burnt marshmallow. I like when they catch on fire!
Here's my self-portrait of my bite! These were yummy!
THANKS MOM for the stuff to make S'mores!! They were a BIG HIT!!


JenShumway said...

Sounds like fun. I got a gift card to cold stone for my BDAY and haven't used it yet. I need to get there that looked good.

We always make smores with the stripped cookies with a marshmellow between. Got to try it. yummo

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Christy said...

Hey hey, sorry I haven't left any comments on here. I have tried to keep up with all your blogs. Wow so many! I read a lot of them while I was at home and sick, just didn't feel like writing anyone as I was more like a zombie fool. Reading was about all I was good for at the time. Lol.

Your blogs are fun to read and I have enjoyed reading them.

I will try to do better and start commenting more. Thank you for the comments you have left on my blog. They're fun to read.

I'm just barely getting back into life with the living after having such yuckie stomach flu. Still have lots o' diarhea and that's no fun. Had to keep racing to the ladies' room at work and it's quite the distance from my desk. Ugh.

Glad to see you and the fam out having fun times.

You and I should get together soon and maybe go see a movie or something. On Monday, 21st, we have off at work, however I may put in some overtime...not sure yet. Still waiting to hear the details and what hours the building will be open. I may join the SWAT gals and go see Mad Money movie. You're welcome to join us if you'd like :) I know you have your own girls' nites now... and all, but if you'd like to come you are invited if you'd like.


Crazymamaof6 said...

Oh yummy! i like mine burnt too! smores are so fabulous! and so fun in your fireplace.

ok and fabulously delicious cold stone! YUM!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH, I can't believe I forgot your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday! I've been working so much I never know what day it is. Time flys so fast. Wow, You gettin' old! You 33 now! Oh well, i'm right behind you. I'm sorry I forgot your birthday, please forgive me. I hope you had a great one. looks like you did at Cold stone Creamary.

Cara said...

I LOVE smores and I used to love cold stone but now I can't eat it (sniff) Did you see cold stone on Oprah? The owners went on and helped Oprah make her own cone! I didn't know that cold stone started in Tempe did you? Happy Birthday btw!

Jenny said...

That makes me wish we had a fireplace. Our friends have a great fire pit and have made smores in their back yard. So fun. Yummy cold stone--best place for treats!

onehm said...

Thanks for this fun idea! We are going to have to try it...the kids will be thrilled!

I tagged you on my blog...check it out!

Janel said...

Hi Andrea, I do remember you! How fun to see your family. I am LOVING the catching up I am doing on blogs, it totally rocks!!!

I'm kinda jealous now, I wish I lived over in the old neighborhood too!! :D