Saturday, January 26, 2008


Today is one of my Best Friends' Birthday!!!!
Here's a pic of us on New Year's Eve! We ALWAYS had a ton of FUN together & our husbands get a long great too!
Alicia & I met our sophmore year in high school and have been friends every since! She is a fabulous friend and is always there for me (and all her friends). She is so sweet, funny, and always has good advice! She has 4 beautiful kids and is a great Mom!
Here's a blast from the past - we both turned 16 quite a while before the rest of our friends, so we went to our first school dance together - Sadie Hawkins (girl as guy)! We had such a great time at that dance (and the whole day of activities too)! Here we are after the dance at my parents' house eating Fench Silk Pie from Village Inn and Grape Martinelli's.
Alicia, Daniel, Eric & ME

We had one major thing in common in high school - Orchestra! She played viola and I played violin. So, we enjoyed our California Orchestra Tours. This is our Senior year at Six Flags.

Jennifer, Alicia, Aimee & ME

Another fun outing was the couple times I got to join her at her family's cabin. Oh my we had some good times there! Yep I think we're wearing matching plaid flannel boxers and a t-shirt. That was the norm for our sleepwear!

Alicia was a tremendous help & support as my Matron of Honor at my Wedding! Hmmm she almost looked prettier than me that day (tee hee). She is just the BEST!!!

I hope you have a Wonderful Birthday, ALICIA!!!

I Luv ya tons!!! Thanks for being such an extraordinary friend!!


Christy said...

Hi Hi- Alicia "HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRETTY GAL!" You know I couldn't resist the urge to make a remark on this blog. Alicia you are an awesome gal.

When Andrea hungout with another particular friend, it brought out her mean side/unfriendly for sure! BUT when she hungout with YOU she was nice! You always brought the balance to Andrea's personality (back as teenagers) as the statement goes "you are (become) who you surround yourself with/friends"... that one friend Andrea hungout with was on a pretty regular basis... and as her sister, I just didn't care for this person that much, tho I didn't admit it aloud.

Thank you for being in Andrea's life and bringing her such happiness! OH YES, and thank you for being Andrea's Matron of Honor, as that brings back a lot of memories for me - tee hee. Obviously I was going through my own stuff... Glad you were there for Andrea. You are a great friend to her. And as Andrea's sister, how can I not love ya too!

Andrea, so happy you made a devotion to Alicia for her birthday! She always has been there for you and a great friend!

Hugz, Christy

PS...Alicia, please say hi to Christianne for me. (It's been forever) :)

Holly said...

What a great post! Those life-long friendships are so important. My best girlfriend and I met when we were 12. Happy Birthday to Alicia!

Anonymous said...
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Alicia said...

Thanks Andrea!! You rock!!! I about cried when I read all of your nice comments about me. I feel so loved. What a fun trip down memory lane. I don't remember some of those pictures. I'm sooo glad we are friends and have always stayed close over all these years. Thanks Christy for your sweet comments too.
Thanks again Andrea! You are awesome and I'm so blessed to have you as one of my best friends.

Crazymamaof6 said...

whoohoo! love Alicia! she is a fabulous sister in law too! my fave actually! so glad you guys are friends so we can be friends too! you both looked Gorgeous at your wedding!
and so young in all the others! the hair and the boxers and t-shirts!
Alicia ROCKS! and you are pretty fab for posting. i didn't blog at all yesterday! she was feeling pretty good about this tonight when they came to dinner. and now i finally made it over to see! love all the pics of you two! so fun!