Tuesday, January 22, 2008

FHE - Cleaning the Church Building

We had a GREAT FHE (Family Home Evening) last night! We weren't exactly at home - we volunteered to help clean our church building with another family. Families volunteer every Saturday & Monday. Our kids LOVE doing this! I don't know why because they don't like cleaning our house. I guess it's always more fun cleaning somewhere else. Anyhow, they did a really good job, and everyone helped even Anson. Especially since I had to take him to the doctor earlier because he couldn't stop coughing (he's been coughing for a while but it suddenly was a really bad day). He had taken a nap when we got home from the doctor's office, but woke up just in time to help clean.
Here's Anson helping to wash the bathroom counters.
Ashley & my friend, Kristy B, cleaning the bathroom mirrors, sinks & counters.
Felicia's wiping down the changing table.
Nathaniel, Matthew (they were in charge of emptying trash cans) & Ashley
Kristy & ME (She is so nice, she's one of the first people I met in our ward and I love this gal. She also was Nathaniel's first cub scout leader & he absolutely loves her!)
Kristy & Aisling
Ben vacuuming
Kristy's hubby, David - he also vacuumed
Adam & Aisling playing basketball when we were done. The grown-ups joined in for a quick little round of Girls vs Boys. It was FUN! They're a fun family!
Here's how Ashley & Anson celebrated (since they're never allowed to play on the stage during church, they finally got their chance)!
We're grateful that we had the opportunity to serve and show our love for our Savior by taking care of His church building.
We also showed our kids that we love and appreciate them by taking them to get a treat when we were done. I mean what's FHE w/o refreshments? We had to go to the store anyway, so we let them pick out some donuts! See, we can be nice sometimes. :)


Luisa said...

That is so special, kids learn a lot helping others, Really nice Andrea

Sharon said...

Gary's calling used to be the "janitor" for our old ward. Every Saturday we'd be in charge of opening the building, getting families to volunteer and clean the church! That was right when Gary was in his accident, so I got to be in charge for a few months. It was always hard to get there, but once we were there, it was nice to bond with families, and it always felt good to be serving!

JenShumway said...

I can't believe you can get into your building on Monday. Our building is complely locked. We think it is fun to do that too.

You have been busy blogging.

Crazymamaof6 said...

way fun! my kids like to do it too! way to go helping out! way fun to do it with friends too!

Jenny said...

I ditto Jenny. I thought it was taboo to do anything at the church that day. Kuddos to you for volunteering. I think it really shows the kids a good example of service!

Anonymous said...
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Kim's Scrappin' said...

Just passing thru on the DSO blog train, and wanted to say hi, it's a good thing to volunteer and the kids are helping, that is great!

Bunny Cates, digital-scrapbooking.org said...

runnin thru the dso blog train, Andrea it looks like they had fun helping out! What a great way to spend time with your family. You should be so proud. Mine would have been whining and crying the entire time!

Good on you girl!

onehm said...

I was in the stake offices last night and wondered who was having family night at the church!! Now I know!
You guys are awesome!

Holly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the compliment!

My kids love cleaning the church. We always claim the chapel and they think it's the coolest thing to do!

Janna said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Janel said...

It is pretty fun to clean the church, I just have one question...Do you think they just have us use colored water to clean with??? I swear thats all it is. Or like REALLY watered down Windex! LOL The only bad time was once there was what we call a "poo-plosion" in the mens.....Oh My...Grossness!!!

Other than that time we always have fun! :D

Lynn said...

Nice! Good to see a family having fun cleaning and doing their share of work together. What an awesome service!!! You are teaching them right. Right from the start. I use to work for the church FM office here in my area and it was So hard to get members to get use to the idea that they now had to clean the buildings on their own. Many thumbs up to you and your family.