Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Birthday Kites

I had to scrap the pic of my daughter's kite! And when my son saw it, he said "Take my picture too & make a scrapbook page of my kite!" My hubby thinks it's funny that I take so many pictures of every little thing. BUT as it turns out - the kids LOVE it! Especially now that I've started scrappin' their photos! Everything they do, they let me know that they want a scrapbook page for that exciting moment! Awww that makes me so HAPPY!

So, here it is, Ashley's beautiful kite!
Credits HERE
Here's Nathaniel's Awesome Kite (I think he was the inspiration for Ashley)!
Credits HERE


SuperCoolMom said...

Those are great! I love that you are scrapping all of those memorable events, I'm sure they love it, Who Wouldn't?

Ben said...

I didn't get a kite. Lucky