Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Parade


Today was the Halloween Parade at the kids' school. They had such a blast wearing their costumes & struttin' their stuff!

Here is Ashley - "Sweetheart Bat"
(that's what it said on the tag but she calls it Bat Girl)
Felicia loves her "Vampire" costume
Nathaniel is "Optimum Prime"
(the leader of the Autobot Transformers)

My cutie pie Ashley in the parade!
Anson as "Dash Incredible"
I think he wanted to be in the parade, too.
(hence the grumpy face) Nathaniel looking back at me so I can snap a quick picture
Beautiful Felicia in the parade
Oh, now he's happy once the parade is over.

All the kids & teachers looked great in their costumes! I love watching the parade! Ben went as Spider-Man and the kids loved it! Ben loves to see the kids get excited & give him "high 5's."

I took pictures of the kids tonight, too, but I'm waiting for my batteries to charge so I can upload them onto my computer. I may have to add them tomorrow since it's getting so late. Can't wait to see everyone's trick-or-treating pictures!! Hope y'all had a FUN Halloween!!!


Becky Ziegler-Fredrickson said...

The kid's costumes look Fabulous !!

SHUMERS said...

I love the costumes. We had a parade at our school but they don't let the older kids dress up. I know it is fun for them.

hotmamabeads said...

They looked great! How fun, none of my kids schools had costumes this year, bummer.

BTW I did not start a private blog without you. My blog has been stolen! I did start a new blog until I can get this straightened out it's hotmamashouse at blogspot dot com. Come by and see me. And yeah, you'll see this exact message on all my blogfriends comments. BTW, don't email me, my email has been compromised too so I'll be getting a new one in the next day or two. Sorry about the hassle.

erika said...

it looks like you guys had a blast, and the costumes are great! your children really are beautiful!

Jenny said...

I too love Felicia's costume. I remember having those in elementary school. Sadly, they don't do that here in Texas. Maybe next year eh?

Hope you guys had a great holiday!

Crazymamaof6 said...

they are so cute! i can't believe i spaced looking for your kids in the parade. i was talking too much! ahh gets me into trouble every time! poor anson!