Friday, November 2, 2007

Star of the Week, Halloween Layouts

This week Felicia was named as STAR OF THE WEEK!!! Way to go darlin'!!! You GO Girl!! Anyway, she gets a poster board sent home and gets to fill it with pictures of things about her. Well, I created one for her last year when she was star of the week and framed it for her room. So, I told her she could take that to class and her new scrapbook. I haven't made any new scrapbook layouts for a little while, so I was up late last night creating some new ones to go in her book. She is so excited to show off her scrapbook! Awww that makes me feel good.

Here are the Halloween layouts (on the kids' pages I just changed out their individual photo so it was easy, like a template).Backgrounds by SimplySarah, "Ghosttown" alpha & Trick-or-Treat by DSP.

Stripes Background, Sm Bow, Tag & Spooky Eyes all by TangieBaxter, Wrap Ribbons by SimplySarah, Halloween Background by DerekMDesigns.

Credits are the same as above, except that I recolored the red bows and made them pink.

We all had fun trick-or-treating! Ben's sister, Heather, and her husband, Tom, and their son, Trevor, came over to go with us. (I have a picture of them and I'll do another layout for it maybe later today. Heather found a really cute costume.) Heather & I helped hand out candy at first while the guys took the kids out. Then Heather & Tom stayed to pass out more candy while I went w/ Ben & the kids. I didn't get to walk around w/ the kids last year, so I wanted to this year. The kids received TONS of candy! And I have lots leftover cuz I went so crazy at the store buying all the kinds that I like. Ooops! ha ha. Ben and I get some of the "good stuff" (aka chocolate) from the kids loot and they get all the rest. We go ahead and let the kids have their candy and do as they please unless it gets out of hand and they won't eat anything but candy, then we take it away and only let them have a few pieces at a time. I mean c'mon, it's the one time out of the year that they get to have all that candy. It's what bein' a kid is all about, right? Well, they're really sweet about sharing w/ us, too. I only get upset when I find wrappers all over the house. The rule is if I see wrappers, then I will take their candy away and they don't get any that day. I had to remind them last night and they were all very quick about cleaning up!

While I put the kids to bed, Ben and a couple of his friends, went to Mill Ave to strut their stuff! They had a good time and once again, Spider-Man was a HUGE hit! Glad y'all had FUN!


Kristy said...

So fun, i love how into Halloween your hubby gets. I've only met you guys once, but I am thinking you guys are pretty cool!

Crazymamaof6 said...

wow love your layouts! way to go lady! you rock! so fun you guys stopped by! your kids are so cute! Liberty was bummed she missed Felicia at our house! and Joy was just plain peeved she fell asleep so early!

Ondria said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only mom that lets her kids eat their candy. And we also have a wrapper issue. As long as I don't see any wrappers they can have it but if I see wrappers I take it away. Cute pages too!

SHUMERS said...

Very cute pages. Sounds like you guys had a great night. Halloween is so fun I love to walk my kids aroun. Braden had a hurt toe so we didn't got to far. They had fun passing out the candy.

Andrea (annscraps) said...

Man, am I excited! Your layouts turned out awesome...they are the first one's I have ever seen using my papers!!!! (besides my own of course - LOL) Would it be ok if I put them on my website - I am just so durn excited!!!!! I'm not sure when you downloaded the papers - but I have moved my website - got my own domain now -! Thanks so much - you made my day!!!!