Sunday, October 21, 2007

Felicia's Tooth

I was just invited & joined a digi-scrap online group that you can find HERE. Well, as a newbie, they give you a freebie kit for joining the forum. And in order to receive an even larger freebie kit, you have make a layout using their welcome kit & display in their gallery. So, here's my layout showing Felicia w/ her tooth that she had to have pulled by the dentist. Of course, in the summer, she had a root canal & silver crown placed on that same tooth. Thank goodness we have dental insurance that covered that, or I just might be really upset if we had to pay for the work just to have it pulled a few months later! Poor Felicia, the dentist had to give her a couple shots because she could still feel pain (her gums were swollen and close to abcessing). He finally "yanked" the tooth out of her mouth! I've never seen roots that big before! My picture doesn't do it justice. I think the roots were bigger than the tooth itself. Well, the ToothFairy definitely rewarded her for her pain & suffering! Felicia's definitely a trooper! She even took her tooth to school to show her teacher!

("Hello There Welcome Wagon Mini-Kit" from DSO.)
I also uploaded my layout to their online gallery HERE.


Crazymamaof6 said...

really cute one! and so fun they give you a freebie! so how much does the tooth fairy pay at your house? and do they get more if it gets pulled rather than falling out on it's own?

Bunny` said...

Love the layout, and LOVING your blog! I really enjoy all the photos! Keep that up, and OMG! My hubby would so LOVE those Star Wars costumes. He is such a SW freak! lol...

Thanks for joining us at DSO!!!