Monday, October 22, 2007

Favorite Old Movies

Ok, I was just reading someone else's blog and they were talking about favorite movies when we were younger. I started remembering some of my faves:

My Fair Lady
Sound of Music
Bedknobs & Broomsticks
Grease (totally fell in love w/ John Travolta, even had poster in my room)
Grease 2 (my sis & I watched them both and would sing with them)
Blackbeard's Ghost
Parent Trap (original w/ Haley Mills)
Old Yeller (totally cried as a kid)
Where the Red Fern Grows (cried at this one too)
Fox and the Hound (cried again) <--dang I was a blubbering baby
Flash Gordon (Go, Flash, Go!!!)
Karate Kid
Mystic Pizza
Annie (my sister & I watched this over & over & over, my parents got so sick of it. I see where my kids get it now. ha ha)
Jaws (saw all of them, I think. pretty scary but couldn't stop watching. My dad would always find the perfect time to grab us from behind so we'd scream! ha ha. Now I love doing that to my kids. LOL)
Zorro, the Gay Blade (w/ George Hamilton, ooohh so funny!)
SuperFuzz (Supaa Supaa! ha ha)
Old Disney Classics (animated & not)
Return to Witch Mountain (thought those kids were cool)
The Ten Commandments (w/ Charleton Heston, we'd watch every Easter)
Two of a Kind (love John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John together)
Pretty in Pink
Breakfast Club (thought Judd Nelson was HOT even tho he was grunge in that movie)

Ok, I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting lots of my faves! We love watching movies in our family.

What are some of your faves as a kid?


SHUMERS said...

wow you have blogged alot. My favorite oldies- "Can't buy me Love" and "16 candles". No that is my neghbor Gina. My sister is good friends with Gina I'll have her find out if she has a blog.

Jenny said...

I too enjoyed all of the 16 candles, Breakfast Club, etc.

I remember Goonies being my favorite when I was little.

Jill said...

Not related to movies, but will you PLEASE teach me to digi-scrap!? I'll trade babysitting, I'll make you a pie, I'll do your laundry... You name it!

Crazymamaof6 said...

ok i loved chitty chitty bang bang, with dick van dyke. also annie, any disney movie except watcher in the woods. oh my other faves were Savannah smiles, and firestarter with the young drew barrymoore. loved it
adn assorted musicals like music man, my fair lady, singing in the rain , dr. doolittle, brigadoon, Oklahoma, sound of music, and maybe some others i can't remember. love it! good post!