Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nathaniel...Reading for FUN?

**EDIT** Ok, for those who want to know what the book is called...It's "Is That a DEAD DOG In Your Locker?" by Todd Strasser.

Nathaniel knows how to read very well & likes to read, but only when he wants to. He usually likes the books he picks, but he doesn't always want to just sit & read when he could be outside or doing other fun things. So, imagine my surprise when Nathaniel came home from school, didn't have homework, so he helped put some blankets away (folded & in the linen closet), then he quietly started reading his book. His school just had a book fair and I bought some new books for all the kids. He decided to start one of them for his next book report project. I think he was also surprised at how much he liked this story. I mean the night before, I caught him in bed under a blanket w/ a flashlight just so he could squeeze in another chapter. ha ha. Silly boy! He also brought the book to school so he could show his teacher & was hoping to be able to read when he got his work done. He hasn't behaved this way about reading since 1st grade! Ok, so I just had to "document" this incredible moment:
Nathaniel even told me, "Mom, I've never enjoyed reading a book so much before!" I was so happy! I have been telling him that reading can be fun! I think he finally believes me! YAY!!


Jenny said...

He needs to rub that onto my son. What a great discovery!

HotMama said...

What book?

Crazymamaof6 said...

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that is rad he was reading for fun! i wanna know what book too!

SHUMERS said...

How old is he? I wonder if my Braden would like it he is 10. He goes through alot of books, he has to read 30 min a day.