Monday, October 29, 2007

Chili Cook-Off & Another Halloween Party

On Saturday, our ward (combined w/ another ward) had our Chili Cook-Off at the park in our neighborhood. It was fun! There was lots of chili & tons of treats, including homemade rootbeer & snowcones. There was face-painting, too, but our kids didn't make it to that booth.
Ashley really enjoys swinging now that she can do it herself!
Felicia was excited about the monkey bridge.
She did it w/ her eyes closed! Silly Girl.
She spent most of her time on this bridge.
I don't even know how many times she did it.

Nathaniel had to find a large tree to climb (and he's really good at it).

Ben and Me (he's full from all the chili & treats)
Anson was playing with other little kids on the slide.
He was so fast climbing up the steps to slide over & over!
Ashley was happy to find her friend, Lindsay.
They met at our ward campout.

Nathaniel had to try the monkey bridge just before it was time to leave.

After we left the chili cook off, Ben and I went out to another Halloween Party! We met at a friend's neighbor's house party. We stayed for a while, then we all headed over to Graham Central Station for their big costume party!

Ben (aka Spider-Man) and Trey (aka Ghostbuster) Ben and Me (aka vampire, but I didn't bring my fangs this time)
Trey, Ben, Me, Brian (aka Sparta) & his wife Julie (aka 60s groovy chic)
Brian, Julie, Jason (aka Mexican), Nikki (aka Border Patrol), Me, Ben & Trey
Here we are when we met up at Graham's


Jenny said...

Your costumes were so great. Love it. Isn't this the best time of year? I love the weather in OCtober!

SHUMERS said...

Wow You are party people! A party every weekend. Nice costumes

Crazymamaof6 said...

wow those are some rad costumes! and looks like a fun time at the ward party!

Ondria said...

Where do you get all these smokin' costumes?

michelle said...

I linked to your blog thru onehm. She is my cuz! :) The costumes are great! :) Looks like it was fun!

Mimi said...

great costumes! and no I don't think the hunt's have a blog. I've never asked her but I've also never come across it. I could find out for you and let you know. Happy Halloween!