Friday, October 5, 2007

Happy Friday!

YAY!!! Today is Friday! Ben & I also get to go out tonight! We're going to the Elder's Quorum dinner. They're providing the meat, everyone's bringing side dishes, and I think the dessert is already taken care of also. Sounds like fun! We got a fun babysitter and the kids are excited! We hardly ever get babysitters, so it's like we've set the kids up for playtime, too. It's a win-win situation!


Jenny said...

Hope you guys have a fun night out. My hubs won't be home until 11pm--bummers.

I can't believe you had that bird in your chimney. Birds freak me out for some reason. Glad you got it resolved.

Love the new banner. I need to redo mine, it's been a while. Have a good weekend.

HotMama said...

I love Date night! especially when the kids are happy too (no guilt)

SHUMERS said...

Nice blog set up. I love going out and getting a baby sitter.

Jill said...

So good to chat with you guys last night! We'll have to get together while your big kids are at school. Cohen and I get BORED.

And if you know how to digi-scrap, PLEASE teach me! I'd love to know! I need to get Cohen's first year done before this new kid comes!