Thursday, October 25, 2007

Felicia's Field Trip

Felicia's field trip to the Ripirian Reserve was on Wednesday & I went as a chaperone. We had fun together. She had a good time learning about the dinosaurs & birds. And her friends are really sweet. The weather was beautiful & a little windy (I didn't mind the wind, but in a dusty area, the dirt & sand kept getting in our eyes. But we survived.)

Felicia & her friend, Sharon, on the bus on our way to the Ripirian Reserve.

Felicia was tracing the large claw of the meat-eating dinosaur (one type of Raptor).
Felicia was on the "brushing" team to discover the dinosaur fossils.
They did a great job! Look what they found!
Here's more of their discoveries!

Felicia getting ready to go on the bird hike focusing her binoculars.

Felicia and some of her friends! They're so cute!
Felicia & ME!

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Crazymamaof6 said...

very cool! did you see Peyton there? i didn't get to go ! dang!