Monday, October 1, 2007

It's October!!!!

Now we can officially put up our Halloween decorations! Not like we have very many, but we made a HUGE spiderweb and hung it between our two tall pine trees last year. We also hung a big spider and put up a black light so it glows at night! So, probably later today we can get going on that. Ben has to climb up a long ladder to be able to reach the spot to attach the web. I don't like climbing way up high on ladders, so I stand below holding onto it hoping he doesn't fall. We're also going to check out the Spirit Halloween store to see their fun stuff. Even if we don't buy anything, it's always fun just to look.

We need to find costumes for the kids. We also LOVE dressing up with the kids! Halloween is Ben's faorite holiday! Ben has a custom-made Spider-Man costume that he wears. Our neighbor already asked if Spider-Man is going to have a cameo this year (last year was his first year wearing it in our neighborhood). ha ha. I have an old-style Vampire dress that I wore last year & will probably wear this year, too. Have you bought yours yet? What are your kids going to be for Halloween? Do you like to dress up? What are you going to be for Halloween?



SHUMERS said...

I love to dress up. I think the kids love it to. Last year I was superman/girl. This year I have a poodle skirt. Rick was hazmat guy last year. Probably will be the same this year.

Crazymamaof6 said...

I am going to be a witch for halloween! for my wild bunko group otherwise i don't really dress up. i have 4 kids taken care of and i need to order 2 more. i haven't decorated much yet, and i don;t have much but I still need to find what i do have. since we moved i am not even sure where it is.

HotMama said...

Hey Andrea! I just found your blog through Allison - I can't even begin to visit all of Julie's blogroll friends. I love Halloween, the kids have been bugging me about costumes and decorations for a month already - but I'm with you, I have to hold out until Oct. or it would just get out of control.

Janan said...

We put out decorations in the house today. I am still trying to find the good decorations. I have a MAD witch mask, that I am still hunting down from H.S. It has to be in this house somewhere, my mom saves everything. Kaiya is going to be minnie mouse. There is a video of her trying on the costume at our blog,
Feel free to check her out!

Ondria said...

I agree with you. I love dressing up for Halloween. I never used to but now with the kids it's so much fun. You'll have to put a picture of Spiderman on your blog.

Jenny said...

Halloween is my favorite holiday!! Hey you could dress up as one of the Cullens (Did you read Twilight?) So good.

We have some of our garb for Halloween, but not all. Our entire family does a theme each year. Stay tuned I will be posting it in a few weeks.

You have to show us some fun photos of your halloween stuff!