Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Whatever Shall We Wear?

YAY! We have the kids' Halloween costumes! Well, almost all of them, we're waiting for Anson's to come in the mail. I bought it on ebay. Anyway, Anson decided to be Dash from The Incredibles. I got the one that doesn't have muscles in it. I guess it's last year's design. I'm not sure. Ashley wanted to be Batgirl, but suddenly decided that since it didn't have an ounce of pink on it, she wanted something else. So, we got her a Girl Bat costume instead. I know it sounds like the same thing but it's basically a bat costume that's dressed up for a girl. It's a pink and black dress w/ bat ears-headband, gloves and wings! She just had to have it because of the pink and the wings! Silly girl. Felicia has decided to be a Vampire like me. We found a pretty red & black dress that's similar to mine. It looks really good on her. She loves it! We tried to tell Ashley that some vampires turn into bats, so she's kind of like us. She likes that idea! Nathaniel is going to be Optimus Prime (the leader of the Autobots in Transformers). We found the costume, supposedly the deluxe one cuz it has a chest piece & face mask. Anyway, the mask is kinda lame, and he's really wanted the voice-changer helmet. Since he loves Transformers so much, we splurged and got it for him. The helmet is way cool. It has lots of phrases and it also changes your voice so you sound all robotic. He loves it!

So, to get into the excitement of his costume, he changed the colors of the bands on his braces. He had his orthodontist appointment today & picked black, red, and blue for his braces. He's so funny!

He picked black for his bottom teeth,
red for the top right & blue for the top left teeth


HotMama said...

Wow! You are really on top of the Halloween Costumes! It looks like I'm going to be pulling out the old boxes (I've even got our old costumes from way back and my aunt gave me her old stuff - there's some pants that are original from the 70's and pioneer dresses that I'm sure were worn for the bicentennial!) Ya get what ya get and ya don't throw a fit!

Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome! that is rad you are pretty much done with that! very cool rubberbands!

SHUMERS said...

You really have it together for Halloween.good job. We still need something for Braden.

Jenny said...

That's always a relief when you have all the costumes figured out. Can't wait to see the big reveal.

Now, that is some spirit with the braces and all!