Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day '08

I have never been to Savers before, but Julie keeps talking about the deals she finds all the time, especially on holidays during their 50% off SALE! I wasn't able to buy very many school clothes for the kiddos (about 7 shirts each & a few pairs of pants or capris - for the girls). I was actually looking forward to checking out this store during another HUGE 50% off DAY!!

I went first thing this morning, and of course saw Julie, Jen, Ashley, Alicia & her sister - Christianne visiting for the weekend! It was so much FUN! Oh my goodness! They have TONS of stuff, like Ross, but even better! They are way organized! Like all the short-sleeve shirts on one rack (all divided by girls or boys & sizes - even sorted by color), long sleeve, shorts, pants, skirts, etc etc!! I was very impressed! So, it was EASY to sift thru all the wonderful stuff!

Ok, I walked away with all these goodies! AND the kids think I'm SUPER-MOM!!! They were SO EXCITED when I got home & walked thru the front door with 2 huge bags of clothes...just for them! {they had no idea that I was out shopping for them}

Anson's clothes - 5 shirts & 3 jeans
Nathaniel - 5 shirts & 1 pair of jeans
Felicia - 7 shirts & 4 pants (2 long & 2 capri)
Ashley - 5 shirts & 1 pair of capris
So, that is 31 items for ONLY $45!!!!
That is WAY less than what I spent on their school clothes from Wal-Mart a month ago!
The most I spent on one item was $2 and as low as 50 cents!

THANK YOU Julie for showing me the light! LOL

I had the kids try on all their new clothes and EVERYTHING fits great!! YAY!!!
Today is starting out to be a GREAT day! Oh and Ben made pancakes for the family while I was gone & saved a couple for me to eat when I got home! How AWESOME is he?!!! Ummm VERY!!!
Hope y'all have a FUN & SAFE Labor Day!!!


Jen said...

You did AWESOME!! I didn't even see most of that boy stuff and it is super cute!!

It was good seeing you this morning!!

charlie said...

wow what a bargain!

Crazymamaof6 said...

way to go! that was a fabulous haul! you did awesome your first time out! WHOOHOO FOR SAVERS! and good job! you were pretty even for each kid. that is impressive.

SuperCoolMom said...

Hooray! You got some great deals! I didn't get there until afternoon and still scored some super cute stuff!

Summer said...

SCORE! I was at power (which in my opinion) is the best one. And I've been a savers fan since highschool!

HoleyCow said...

OMG I swear you got my boys clothes! the first 2 pictures.. my boys had every single shirt shown!
I too love SAVERS.. specially when the growth spirts hit.. and the in between stages! then turn around and donate the old.. and you can claim it on your taxes as a right off! spiffy!

Anonymous said...

I am just sitting here wish we had one of those stores here. Bummer. Very cute stuff, what a deal!