Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday is a Special Day

{can't help but sing the Primary song when I think of that}

Nathaniel is SO EXCITED for Cub Scout Day Camp today!!! A sweet family in our ward picked him up bright and early this morning to take him! THANK YOU! It's from 8-2. He wishes it was longer! He is such a cute Cub Scout! {Reminder to self - need to add his Bear patch & arrows on scout shirt}

Today one of my oldest {not OLD but known her since I was born} & dearest friends, Patsy, is celebrating her son's baptism today! He turned 8 in June but has been very scared to put his head under water as long as they can remember, so they spent the summer trying to help him get past his fear. Now he feels ready! So, we're going to celebrate with him! YAY! And she's having lunch at her house afterwards! FUN! Haven't gotten to hang out with her in a while.

Since General Conference is coming up next weekend, tonight is the wonderful General Relief Society Broadcast. I love going to listen to the awesome speakers! I always come away feeling totally uplifted and renewed! I also feel very blessed to be a woman, daughter, sister, wife & mother! Our stake is also having a big salad buffet after. I signed up to bring a salad. Can't wait to socialize and munch too. {FYI - my Mom told me that the RS Broadcast should be on the BYU channel tonight at the same time for those who cannot attend in person. Check your listings to see what time & channel.}

Oh and my sister-in-law, Merrianne, just tagged me! So, I'll be thinking of 7 things you don't know about me! Hopefully I'll have time to post later today (if I can think of that many things)! LOL



Diaper Diva said...

Thanks for the reminder!!! I forgot. I never get to go and socialize bummer, oh well I will be watching from home!

tammy said...

I'm glad it's on the BYU channel because I usually end up not making it too. I'm supposed to be making peach jam all day.

That is so sweet about your friend's little boy. My boys get nervous just having the spotlight thrust upon them. I have a tender heart when it comes to little ones and their fears.

I was tagged too by someone else. It's hard thinking of seven things! I'm up to number six now.

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to see your 7 things :)

and that is so cool about Jasen & his baptism!!!!!!!