Saturday, September 27, 2008

Baptism & Scouts

This was an incredible baptism today! Like I said earlier, Jasen has been afraid to go under water for a long time. After months of practicing, HE finally told his parents that he was READY! There were some great speakers including Mark Mabry (the photographer of the amazing Reflections of Christ portraits that were displayed at the Temple), a sweet musical number (one girl played the violin and Anson was so excited & said kind of loudly "Nathaniel & Felicia have a violin too!" LOL), a couple kids reciting scriptures (Jasen's sister Brianna was one of them & she did GREAT), and 7 cute kids all ready to be baptized!

When Jasen went under the water, I got a little teary-eyed because it was so AMAZING and he didn't look scared at all! I know our Heavenly Father was with Jasen today! He's such a happy little guy! I'm so proud of him!
Jasen & his Mom
One of Patsy's friends made this delicious cake that looks like the Golden Plates!
How cool is that?
Brianna, Jasen, Patsy & Brian
{aren't they a cute family}

Patsy & Brian
My Mom, Patsy & ME
While I was uploading & editing these photos, my Cub Scout returned home! He had a BLAST at Day Camp! He also received this cool shirt!
He made a bunch of fun things & said this was one of his BEST DAYS EVER!!! I told him that he should write all about it in his journal so he doesn't forget.
Get this...he said "How could I ever forget THIS day?!"
I'm glad he had such a WONDERFUL DAY!

And it's not over yet...


Shanners said...

That's such a great baptism experience! That cake is awesome. My son is getting baptized soon - and I'm a complete mess about it! Hubby is not a member - and doesn't care much for Grandpa - which is who my son wants to do it, as the only family member w/ authourity. It's nice to read about a pleasant experience, and to realize that the Spirit WILL be there for my son too.

Anonymous said...

great pictures!!!!

Patsy & her family look so sweet!!!

and you look great sista!

and look at my Nephew Nathaniel...growing up so much!!!! he DOES look happy! look at that smile!

Anonymous said...

OH, what a cute little family. Don't you just LOVE them? Boy I sure do. They are all mine.(Patsy) Andrea thanks for posting these so I can see what my little gang looks like.

As I was going by each of the rooms and looking at them sleeping, I started to think about when we were told that we would never have any children. That just sends chills. I am so glad that DR's don't know what our Heavenly Father knows and how he will bless each of us in his own time..
And another thing that he blesses us with, dear friends. Even if we don't see them for weeks or years on end they are still very precious too.
Keep the great blogs going.