Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pictures, a Layout & a FREEBIE

Labor Day was so much FUN for us. We went swimming and I took lots of fun pictures! I totally can't believe how good Anson can swim! Last summer he was using a swim vest and this summer he hasn't used it at all. He started out just hanging out by the steps and dunking his head now & then. Now he can swim across the shallow end (as long as I'm at the other end with my hands reached out for him to grab). And that's with his face in the water! He is doing great! We have the cutest fish for kids! Well, Ashley thinks she's a Mermaid! LOL

The kids absolutely LOVE it when Ben is home & swims with us because he can lift the kids & toss them high in the air! Here's Ashley *flying*
Felicia way up there
Nathaniel getting tossed
Anson isn't quite ready for that yet!

Oh, here's the cool scratch post we got for Ginger.
She likes it, but she's not quite sure about the perches!
Ben rubbed catnip all over it to get her interested in it.

She hasn't been a fan of the catnip toys but straight from the jar & she's in heaven! She was rubbing all over that thing! It was hilarious!
Then she just sort of laid there just chillin'! hahahaha
Not really sure what the attraction is with catnip, but she definitely LOVED it!

Some days Ashley & Anson play together FABULOUSLY! Other days not so much. Luckily, this was one of the good days! They both found their bears that kind of match & have little sweaters. Suddenly they thought it was a good idea to take them to the bathroom & pretend to teach them how to use the potty! I asked them to do it again, so I could take pictures!

I'm not really sure why the step stool is on the potty, but Ashley said it was to *help* the bears! LOL

Anson's bear was up next. They even used a little toilet paper. tee hee

They also pretended to wash their bear hands & dry them. At least they're practicing good hygiene, right?! Well, they were having fun & not arguing at all, so I didn't mind what they were doing!
Yesterday we had our ward Primary activity day! The Primary Presidency went all out & set up water olympic stations! They all got to pretend they were someone from the scriptures & get wet at the same time! The kids had a BLAST!!!
At the end, there was a kiddie pool and tons of kids jumped in (including Ashley & Anson) and splashed everywhere! The older kids grabbed some of the buckets & water bottles (used in the games) to fill with water & pour on other kids! It was hilarious watching all the kids run everywhere playing and having FUN!

I thought the pictures of Ashley & Anson with their bears were so cute, so I had to use them for a layout. {It's also for the DSO Template challenge}

{Teriann Hanks "Blocky Template"}

I used my newest kit "Mimzy"

{which is on SALE right now - SAVE 20%}

I also have a little surprise for YOU!

I made this ADD-ON and you can have it FREE
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Please leave a comment if you snag it. Thanks!

I would LOVE to see anything you have created using any of my kits!


Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Fun post, great pictures! Thanks for the add-on kit, I always love your work! :) I let ya know when I get a minutes to scrap!

Dinphy said...

So funny to read! Seems like your Anson is the same kind of swimmer as my Lisa! She too can cross a part of a swimming pool (say 4 meters) and also with her face in the water, also learned that this holiday. But she's 'training' that with daddy, as he lets her do things I don't. Toooo protective. But I know it, that's why I let THEM play. :)

Love the photo's, there's so much fun!!

And thank you for the freebie, it's real pretty again!!

charlie said...

Wow..your family looked like they were having a ball!!!!!..great new kits lovely lady and what a wonderful Lo you have done for the challenge..10 thumbs up!!!!!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 08 Sep [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

tammy said...

My boys love being thrown by dad, too. Connor is amazing me by diving for golf balls in the deep end. Thank goodness for pools!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TYFS these FUN photo's!!!!!
Love the ones where they are potty training their bears!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for this LOVELY sampler!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim B said...

AWWW bring on SUMMER- lol.
Andrea you had me in stitches with the *toilet training bears*- hahahaha
Maybe they should make that a *learning aid* for kids?- hee hee

LOVE the colours in this kit- they are awesome!
Sending loves

Becky said...

Send Ashley & Anson right over. Chase could use their expertise in potty training.

Anonymous said...

So envious of all of you AZ babes and your pools!

Love the bathroom bears, how cute. Isn't it great when they actually get along and play well together?!? Love that!

Very cute layouts!

ღzєиαღ said...

hi Andrea i really loved ur kits
so if u dont mind i have recommended ur kit on ma blog...keep doin the best love ur work tc