Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday FUN & Another HINT

My Mom and I are off to see The House Bunny today! We've wanted to see it since we saw the first coming attraction! I love Anna Faris and it looks so cute & funny!!
But not before I get to wash my bedding first. Let me just say that I HATE washing bedding. Well, it's not the washing part I dislike cuz I can get that part done pretty quickly with my awesome front-loader washer/dryer. It's making the bed that I don't like, especially the kids' bunk beds! AND I'm not washing my bedding because I WANT to it's because I HAVE to. Anson snuck in our room in the middle of the night or really early this morning (not really sure when) but Ben woke up around 3 or 4am because his foot touched a WET spot on our bed! EEEeeeewwww! Anson was next to me and very dry. He found out he had snuck in our bed near the foot and wet the bed, then changed and cuddled up next to me. Sneaky sneaky little guy!

It probably soaked thru our mattress pad again, so I'll get to wash our mattress too! UGH! He did that a few weeks ago and I had to get out the carpet/furniture cleaner & scrub the mattress and let it air out ALL day before I could put the sheets back on at bedtime!

I guess it's a good thing I'll be gone most of the day hanging out with my MOM! :)

Ok time for another shameless plug for my grab bag {sale ends Sunday}!

And here's another HINT. I made this layout using goodies in my grab bag.
Isn't she a CUTE kitty?! She's such a little sweetie!! She is the funniest when she's playing *laser chase*! She loves to chase the little red light from the laser pointers! Last night I was in the bathroom and she hopped in the tub to lay down. So I turned on the laser and had her skidding around the tub. It was hilarious!! I also love hearing the kids giggle like crazy when they're playing *laser chase* with her!!


tammy said...

My dog loves to chase the laser too. My boys love to tease him with it. So funny! Sounds like a fun day. Well, except for the changing and washing sheets part.

Allison Evans Brown said...

That's a funny story!! Bunkbeds stink to make! It's sooo difficult. How many calories do you think we burn making those things? Fortunately I don't have one, but I've had to make one and change the bedding on them before and boy, you break a massive sweat and end up turning down the thermo 10 degrees.